Asian art is rich country’s good finds

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Asians take pride of anything they possess which originated from the west or from Europe. This happens despite Asian art prevails in the market. Psychologically, anything associated from the first world is deemed to stand out. The logic behind is that even their aesthetic value is associated with the currency exchange rate.

The higher the value of a respective currency, all the more that Asians herald whatever is acquiesced that has such currency value of whether the items are on sale or just give- away. What accompanies these items is a status symbol. Not all are exposed to the products of more fortunate countries so we speak here of rarity or exclusivity. Plus, only few can afford or have the means or better yet have a better opportunity to possess these foreign goods. ‘Say wall paintings, artworks created by Asian artists are one of a kind and simply brilliant. But for Asians, who wouldn’t want a French or Italian painting in their home wall instead of an art piece magnificently painted by a neighbour! Even the price shoots up it can be sold in local currency unlike the former that we strictly speak of “dollars”.

What is mentioned is the opposite why western countries patronize anything that is Asian. Yes, it is already given that Asian is more cultural as compared to United States, for example. They do not have much as what Asians have when it comes to tradition, culture, and religions. And If they do have, expect that diversity is way too less.

Anyway, if there is a common logic behind purchase between Asians and others, it is rarity. Conservatively, to secure wall paintings coming from Asia requires long travel. There is a challenge of securing them plus it goes with their planned vacation in Asia which expenditure expected is less than going somewhere else.

Other than that, aside from experiencing rich culture with Asian art wall paintings, Foreigners most especially from the first world would opt for cheaper finds. Asian art is not cheap in quality and sold relatively in a high price in the country where it originates but speaking of currency conversion rate, dollars still find Asian art cost saving.

Take into consideration the logic between the two and you’ll come up with the answer why there are countries doomed to poverty while there is a few that continuously climbs up to prosperity. The latter obviously is after quality and cost saving while the former goes for status symbol. Rich countries constantly look for good finds which attributes include quality, durability and rarity rolled in to one but with a price that is for them below reasonable. With all these, good finds for them are Asian art!

The author, Apple, is a representative of Artyii, an online sale platform of Asian emerging artists. She specializes in acquiring quality wall paintings at good prices for art lovers worldwide. She has also assisted those who were looking for Asian Art.

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