Ashley Greene on Twilight

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Luck was on actor Ashley Greene’s side. At least that’s what she thinks all aspiring actors need to have to be in this ‘cut throat’ industry. Best known for playing the bubbly, optimistic and ‘future reader’ vampire, Alice Cullen, in the film adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga novels, she credits her incredible and supportive parents as well for being by her side eversince she started out when she was just 15 years old. Growing up in Jacksonville, Florida, where there were not much available options for actors and actresses who are just starting out and crawling their way in, she wasn’t really aware that she could be an actress. And so she fell into modelling and took a commercial class. Realizing that she is beginning to like this field and that it was actually fun, she finally took an acting class. This fueled her to go full steam ahead. She then went to New York, where she hooked up with Ryan Daly, who has been her agent since the beginning. She got a manager and convinced her parents to let her graduate early and move to Los Angeles. And being the supportive parents that they are, they let her live her dream, shipped her out there and put her up in a year. And then she got off to a quick start and hit the ground running.

The way Ashley Greene carefully chooses, decides to portray and approach a role is not an easy process. An important and biggest thing that she considers in a story before accepting it is if she cares about the characters. When Ashley Greene reads a script, she sees to it that apart from not having played the role before, the story should get her attention. It should be something that she is truly passionate about. She believes that an actor should not be in a film or project where you don’t care what the characters are doing, what they are thinking, where they are going and how they are affected by situations. She also advices to follow your heart as well as your gut, and it will all work out. And it did work out for her.

The Twilight Saga (which consists of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and the soon to be released Breaking Dawn) was a huge turn around for Ashley Greene. Her first year consists of tons of classes and trying to figure out herself. And then auditions, coupled with a lot of rejections came into the second year. She just kept learning and feeding herself while the people are saying that though they liked here, unfortunately she doesn’t have a lot on her resume. Then, a little into the second year, she would get small TV roles like Punked and Crossing Jordan, as well as small parts in films, but only because even though the directors liked her, she wasn’t a name. And so, after auditioning five times and forcing them to put her in the Twilight movies, she finally got the lucky break.

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