Asbestos Survey - For a Clean Environment and a Healthy Society

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Asbestos is a big environmental issue all over the world, and there are legislations in place to ensure home owners and property owners, both commercial and residential, are in compliance with asbestos regulations, which has direct implications for Asbestos survey. While people need to be informed of the significance of asbestos survey, it is important to know of the basic details about asbestos and why asbestos survey is a necessity.

Asbestos is a commonly used mineral fibre, found widely in many construction sites and among building materials. Asbestos is used for its insulating and fire retarding properties, which come in handy in any construction project. Asbestos is widely used, apart from construction materials such as ceiling, floor tiles and as a component in asbestos cement products, as a component in friction equipment such as automobile brakes and clutches, in packaging materials and coatings. And it is this wide application of asbestos that increases the need for asbestos survey, for the reason that asbestos is also a source of significant health problems - when any of the asbestos containing products are disturbed, ruptured or demolished, as in the case of construction, there are fine fibres of asbestos that become airborne and cause damage to lungs, when inhaled.

Asbestos Survey: To counter the risk posed by asbestos fibres and to facilitate the community’s adherence with developments in legislation, we provide specialist asbestos survey services to all types of establishments. The legislation states that all commercial establishments should have had their asbestos surveys done and all materials and substances containing asbestos should be effectively managed. If you are an owner of a commercial establishment, it is in your own interest, as well as in the interest of the society, that you get your asbestos survey done at the earliest and ensure you are in compliance with the legislation.

Asbestos survey forms the basis for any action that you may be required to take on your properties containing asbestos - it could involve the basis types of asbestos survey, asbestos reports and consultancy, asbestos testing, asbestos health and safety measures, staying up-to-date with asbestos legislation and adhering to asbestos survey regulations, as well as the standards of asbestos refurbishment and demolitions. With asbestos surveys, you would know of the extent of asbestos-containing materials in your premises, a basic plan towards managing and safe removal of asbestos containing materials, as well as maintaining a register of asbestos containing materials that may be prevalent in your location. Do get in touch with us for expert asbestos survey services.

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