As VoIP Systems Graduate From College, Businesses are Looking To Hire

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Organizations around the world have figured out the benefits of VoIP phone systems as opposed to their land line and cellular counterparts. The smaller bills, the reliability and the ease of use were part of the reason Dartmouth College decided to test VoIP systems back in 2003.

Maybe it is also their remote location in the small town of Hanover N.H., that prompted interest in this new means of communication. The college has been on the forefront of technological communication systems since the early 80's when it introduced a new form of emailing services, long before it became a household necessity. It was also one of the first colleges to install a campus wide wireless data network. So it was no surprise when in 2003, the college ventured into the world of "voice over Internet protocol," also known as VoIP, which essentially turns a computer into a telephone. As classes began, the 1,000 students entering the class of 2007 were given the option of downloading a software, onto a Windows-based computers. This allowed students to experience what would become second nature to us. The ability to talk through computers.

But since 2003 a lot has changed. Progressed is actually a better term. VoIP is now a competing business telecommunications service and can offer a reliable stream of communication for millions at once. Prices still have a major impact on decisions businesses make and VoIP seems to be the economic winner. Prices are definitely lower than standard telecommunications services and more companies are letting VoIP become their solution.

As new employees are entering the workforce the transition to VoIP seams more natural to them than to their predecessors. Technology is moving in a faster pace than before and even these new employees will feel the telecommunication offerings become more useful as time goes by. Office phone systems have become wireless and the ability to conduct video conference calls has impacted the industry in many ways. And so we are left to ponder what will be the next phase of inner-office communication or how companies will change their operating methods according to the new abilities that VoIP offers them.

It will be interesting to see where communications technology will evolve but there are certain factors that are guaranteed. As technology evolves, what we know now as VoIP technology, will evolve with it. Regular land lines have stayed in place since they may have reached the limit of their capabilities. But VoIP is only starting.

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