Artwork and Aesthetic Rules

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From an experience in hanging pictures lasting for years comes several rules. When it comes to hanging pictures do not hang them on all the walls you notice unless you've always yearned to live in an art gallery and it is best if you hang pictures to make a wall not seem bare. With regard to hanging pictures you can do so over a sofa, in groups, over a server, a small pier table, or a console.

A second rule follows. Never resort to groupings that are wider than the furniture underneath it. When you are dealing with pictures that are of varying sizes you can give them a unified look by hanging them closer to each other. When it comes to type and size you may have a prized collection of bird prints with different frames. What you should do is hang them according to pleasing geometrics and not frame by frame.

Then there is the third rule. What the wall does as a frame is to serve to set off a group of pictures on all four sides even with pictures hung in close proximity. The formation of a square or a rectangle is considered when pictures are hung in pleasing geometry. When you are in possession of four pictures all framed alike and of the same size you may want to hang them geometrically in a square over the sofa, or in a straight line over a long table, or vertically above a small step table. For staircases the step pattern in hanging pictures should be used. As often as possible you should go for straight lines that meet at right angles. This is where a little regimentation works best.

Probably you have accumulated a series of pictures over time including old family portraits, originals, prints, and reproductions. You should consider framing and matting everything alike to unify them when you plan on hanging them together. Other than use simple gold frames for 16 prints one friend matted then in forest green. A sensational look was achieved as they were set against a red wall. By matting each picture over her sofa in a different shade a friend was able to add color. Aside from being of the same size there was only one subject for the pictures.

Could you have experienced staring into a department store model room only to find it to be missing something? When it comes to someone ever sleeping, eating, living, and taking phone calls in that room there are no signs present. There is an absence of individuality. Your home should have this.

When it comes to a department store model the purpose is to sell furniture but the purpose of a home is to satisfy your comfort and pleasure. The best choice in this case is going for your favorite color. A room's mood can easily be affected by any particular color you select. Emotions can be expressed in varying colors. You should probably go and take a look at some color charts until you find colors that you are drawn to for your space. Your gut is you best friend when making choices here.

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