Facts About The Transformers 2 Character Breakaway

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Among the many other movies coming out this year, there is something great to look forward to for the adventure films buffs. Transformers 2 is one of the movies that is packed with action and adventure, and would definitely grab your attention if it has already not done so with the trailers, promos, and posters.

Transformers 2 is a mega project with a $200 million budget that includes lots of action and special effect characters that are close to reality. There are numerous characters in the sequel and all of them would seem surprisingly real to you as special attention has been taken to that aspect.

Many of the characters from the first Transformers movie are reappearing in the film, and there are also some who have been introduced newly to the sequel. Most of the characters for the ‘Revenge of the Fallen' have been announced, but there are still some about which there is plenty of speculation and rumour.

Breakaway is a character that is an F-35 jet, and has attributes that make it special in its own way. Breakaway is the character in Transformers 2 that acquired a lot of publicity and made the fans of Transformers quite excited. Breakaway's motto is that "life has its own purpose, its preservation in mine". Breakaway is an Autobot with an alternative jet mode. Breakaway is the Lightning II variant of the F-35 jet.

In Transformers 2, Breakaway is a jet that has unmatchable speed, and possesses the capability of going in a straight line. The high and unmatchable performance of Breakaway is what makes it so popular among people, especially fans of Transformers movies, and also of toys and video games. Breakaway falls under the subcategory of Deluxe Vehicles.

Breakaway is also expected to appear in the 2009 Transformers video game. The main attraction associated with Breakaway is his unique quality. The quality is that he lets himself be captured with the sole motive of being able to sabotage his enemies. This is what makes Breakaway dangerous and threatening to the enemy in a different kind of way.

One of the special things about Transformers 2 is that it has a lot of special effects, and the characters that had had not appeared in the first Transformers movie have actually been included in the sequel with these special features.

All fans must have seen the trailer of Transformers 2, which is now running on TV, and features the song ‘New Divide' by Linkin Park and also an array of characters, both returning ones and also those who are new to the Transformers. When you see the movie after its release on the 19th of June, you will also notice that the movie has undergone many innovations, and the script is a strong one with special attention being paid to the characters and places that have been especially designed for some new characters.

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