Rahul Gandhi at a Press conference in Kanker (Chattisgarh)

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Generally jo impression mujhe Orissa mein laga, ki jo tribal areas hain, kaafi cut-off hain, un tak government ke programs nahin pahunchte hain. Jaisa Orissa mein laga, waisa yahan laga. Mera impression hai- Orissa mein bhi yahi impression tha, yahan bhi ye impression hai, aur jo main thoda Madhya Pradesh, UP or Bundelkhand gaya, wahan bhi. Hamarey jo systems hain, jo sabse ghareeb log hote hain, sabse pichhde log hote hain, un tak theek se nahin pahunch rahe hain. Jo Adivasis hain, especially iss area mein or Orissa mein, unki jo awaaz hai, who theek se sunayee nahin deti iss sytem ko. Yeh mere point hai. Aur main yahan kaafi gaon mein gaya, aur zyaadatar gaon mein yahi situation hai- jo guarantee rozgar program hai, woh nahin chalta; Indira awaas program hai, woh jab pahunchta hai, sabse Ghareeb ke yahan nahin pahunchta. To hamara system sabse ghareeb ko identify nahin kar paa raha hai. Ye mera point hai.

(My general impression about Orissa is that the Tribal areas are quite cut-off and the government's programs are unable to reach them. I felt the same about Chhattisgarh).

The impression that I got after touring Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, UP, and even Bundelkhand is that our Systems are not reaching the poorest and most backward sections of our society effectively. This system has difficulties in listening to the voices of the Adivasis, especially in Chhattisgarh and Orissa. That's my point. I went to many villages here and most of them face the same situation. The NREGS or the Indira Awas program, if it reaches, does not reach the poorest. The system is unable to identify the neediest.)
On Salwa Judum and Naxalism
The Supreme Court has given its decision on Salwa Judum, and in my opinion, it should be respected. The Supreme Court is the highest court of the country, and when the Supreme Court says something, that is the law.

With regard to Naxalism, I think it's related to what I said earlier. Our government, in states like Chhattisgarh and Orissa is not able to touch the poorest of the poor, it is not reaching the poorest of the poor. That has an impact on Naxalism.

On ‘Forgotten India'There are two parts of India. One part is the part you see in the urban areas, which is growing very fast. There is another part of India, which is a forgotten part of India, and Tribals, Adivasis, here in Chhatisgarh, Dalits in Bundelkhand, they are part of that forgotten India. What I am trying to see with my own eyes and understand, is- what are the sentiments of that forgotten India? ; The India that our government systems are not responding to. On responsible Industrialization
The idea is not to stop industrialization. The idea is to create a fair deal for the people who are displaced by industrialization. Development does involve certain pain in it, the idea is that the voice of these people, for example, the voice of the people in the Niamgiri Hills must be heard, it must not just be brushed aside. These people in the Niamgiri Hills, for example, they have a particular culture, they have certain traditions; those traditions and that culture are being completely destroyed.
So there is a middle path in this. What is happening in my view in the Niamgiri Hills is that their voice is not being heard at all, and that is what I think is wrong.
On being a youth leaderI don't think it's a matter of political style. I think the more of these youngsters are in positions to enter politics, in positions of responsibility, and are able to make change, the better it is. So I think, (my strategy aims at) including as many youngsters as possible in politics.
People will say whatever they want to say (about me). The way I view my duty, it is to go and listen to people. There are two parts of India, one part which is being heard, and another part which is not being heard. I think it is important to listen to the part that is not being heard.

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