Article Marketing: How to Write Articles to Generate Traffic

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If you know how to write articles to generate traffic then you need never worry about how to get visitors to your website again. Article marketing is a skill that everybody thinks they have, but few actually do. Writing articles to persuade readers to visit your website is not as easy as most believe it to be, but there are ways to do that and anybody can learn how.

Grammar actually isn't too important as long as you can be understood. I used to think differently, but many people for whom English is not their first language seem to get on fine with articles that are well written other than some ungrammatical parts. It doesn't look good to see "Him and his mate are doing good with that way", but does it really mean more the "He and his friend are doing well with that method?"

Not to me if the first method looks workable to me and I can use it and the other looks a bit unlikely ad is also more expensive. It's when we look at price that grammar is suddenly not so important. Spelling now - that is another matter. There is no reason for poor spelling with today's spell checkers, and bad spelling indicates laziness and that is something I won't stand - if somebody doesn't know how to write good grammar that is one thing, but if they are too lazy to run a spell check, then that is another. They might also be too lazy to look after their customers.

However, we are discussing traffic here, and for that we have to satisfy as many people as possible. Therefore, learn good grammar because not everybody agrees with me (even me sometimes) and you want everybody that you can to click on your resource link after reading your article. That means those that like grammar as well as those that are not bothered.

Grammar is the least of your worries, however if you don't know how to construct an article. Get into the minds of your readers and try to understand why they are reading your article. They didn't just come across it, but used keywords to find it. So what keywords, and what are they hoping to find? In this article you are likely hoping to find some advice on how to write articles in such a way that they will attract traffic to your website.

That makes it very difficult, because you now know that I am trying to get you to click on my link in the resource section below. You might now be saying to yourself that there is no way you are going to do that. But there are ways that you can do so with your readers without them knowing your intentions - I have no chance now, but you still have if you follow my advice.

1. The Title

It starts with the title, because that is what gets them here. You have already seen my title and decided to continue reading. It's simple. It first offers a very popular keyword, Article Marketing, to attract people that use that to find what they are looking for. That's Tip #1: use a popular keyword along with those that describe your page.

The second part of the title says what the article is about: How to Write Articles to Generate Traffic. If that is what you are seeking then you will continue reading. Get the picture? If you want to know that you might have used that keyword. Those that want information on article marketing will use that - and if they, too, are interested in using articles to generate traffic, they too will read on. The title has done its job.

2. The Opening Paragraph

That should be written so as to support the title, and ensure the readers that they have the right article for them. Mine does - read it again! It also tells you that YOU can learn how.

3. The Article Body

That should continue the theme of the article and speak directly to the reader as I am to you. It should offer some ways of achieving the objective of the title (how to write articles to generate traffic), but not them all. It should provide a taster of what they can learn on your website. Use your keywords once for every 250 words. Google likes that - no more 1% - 3% keyword density. Four keywords in a 500 word article, 5 in an 800 worder (apart from title: 1st paragraph, 3 in body, last paragraph).

4. The Final Paragraph

Use your last paragraph to sum up and lead into the resource. This is where you tell them that you have more to offer on your website. Use your keyword once here.

5. Your Resource

Offer at least one link to your website: no more unless both have a registration form for your email list. That is where you will gain most: you can email your list with special offers, free advice and information and also try to sell them your products now again. You and your list should be mutually helpful: you can help them with information, free products occasionally and some products at lower prices than the general public.

They will occasionally buy from you or even help you by giving you their advice on your website, your products, and even letting you know what you can do for them. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Your list is not just about you, and what you can sell them and get from them. It is more about what you can do for them, and if you have products that can help them, then let them know, but also let them know that they do not have to buy anything because you are just trying to help them.

And that is basically how you can use article marketing: it is a way to write articles to generate traffic to your website. However, it also a way how to help your readers achieve their own ambitions, and there are ways to achieve that and also enable you to achieve your own ambitions. However, that is another story, and once learned will enable you to be like the big dogs and not only build up a large following through your email lists, but also give your list members what they are looking for.

That's what's important! Keep it mutual and not just self-serving. As already said, there are ways how to write articles to generate traffic that once learned will never be forgotten but will benefit you for the rest of your internet marketing life.

If you want to find out how to write articles to generate traffic and build a large list, and also how to look after your lists properly, then visit Pete's website at Article Czar for a free article writing course and also Artcle Services for more information on how to write properly and attract readers to your articles and websites.

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