Art Work for Exchange for Living Acclimation

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I know this may seem out of reasoning, why would a person ask for art for exchange for a better life for him/herself? Why not, I love thinking crazy things. Would I expect it to work out? Not exactly, but with my weird and crazy ideas, I go for it any way, and hope to God Almighty that it will work to my benefit.

I have several artworks that have been published on several websites, and I also have my personal website in which I display my work. So, people can enjoy my artwork.

My idea for this article is to hopefully get endorsements from different angles in the form: minimum of 5 from each of these categories: individuals, companies, production companies [television, movie, gaming, musical (use on music videos), modelling, and commercial] and governmental agencies.

In exchange of my art work I would like to get endorsement in this manner:

Get paid the actual amount of the product being paid for

5-25% residue every week

For production companies, and companies that would want to sell my artwork online, I would like to get an additional 10-30% commission with every sale you make from my art.

For production companies; I would want to get 5-20% commission and residue fee for every VHS, DVD, blue ray or any other form of media that would be sold that would have my work on or in the media that is being sold.

Additionally, I would like to get 10-35% residue to every piece sold.

For production companies I would like to be part of their production[either as a cast or crew member (for movie, television, and modelling work)]

With the artwork that I would present to the world, I will not sale the exclusive rights to nobody because, I would want others to enjoy my work also.

In addition to the list above I would like to have these things to be included also:

I would like to have a contract that will indicate that I will receive the income every week till I die and 200 years after my death to take care of my future children.

All my bills will be paid for without me lifting a finger.

Taxes will be paid for.

Here are the links at where you view, and hear my art work:

If you like to know me better please visit me on facebook

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