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Pictures say a thousand words. Then what would an abstract art say? But natural, abstract art would speak a zillion words!!

Any form of abstract art, being it craft or paintings, utilizes a visual dialect to communicate. They enclose a variety of hues and form to give birth to a masterpiece that exists with some extent of freedom from the illustrative references of the world. It began with the term ‘abstract expressionism', which was an American art movement, ignitioned post world war 2.

The western art form, right from the Renaissance period up till the mid 19th century, had been swayed by the perspective logic. It entitled artists to recreate an illusion of the visible reality. With due passage of time, cultures were exchanged and multiple styles of visual descriptions were being portrayed. But then the crest had to fall. By the conclusion of the century, artists craved for a new form of art, which would embrace the philosophical, scientific and technological changes taking place. Artists drew their theoretical opinions on diverse grounds and consecutively mirrored the intellectual and social concerns of the entire Western customs prevailing in that period.

Abstract art connote an exit from reality. This exodus from exact reality can be little or partial or even total shunning away from actuality! It purely rested on the perceptions, views and passions of artists. Abstract art existed along an array. When the abstract art was a partial withdrawal from realism, alteration of prominent hues and forms was permitted. On the other hand, a complete departure from actuality carried no hint to anything identifiable. For example, it is unlikely to find any mark of natural entities in geometric abstraction. Similarly, figurative and total abstractive art are equally exquisite, though both display abstract art in partiality.

The 21st century breathed a new life into abstract art, abstract paintings and contemporary art. Continued in various neighboring modes, they are oft typified by the pluralism ideology. As a result, glorious and superlative pieces of art continue to be crafted in an assortment of styles and artistic outlooks. A leap into this art form has been taken by many and so has the Australian abstract art that has contributed much to the field. Fabricating masterpieces, the Australian abstract art has reached new levels.

Abstract art is occasionally misapprehended. But paradoxically, that is the source of its divine beauty. The abstract art is factually an art in its unadulterated form. The feelings, mood and thoughts that abstract art captures cannot be beautified by words at all.

But then, despite its splendor and enthusiasm, they are hard to understand. It also leads to frustration amongst many viewers who do not reach the depth of the art! But ultimately, novices learn the skill to absorb and comprehend their inner significances.

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