Art Supplies Should Not Collect Dust

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Perhaps you have stumbled across your stash of Art Supplies from your youth. You must have boxed these up when your dreams of being a painter dried up with the need to be responsible. Yes, you were that young and what did you know? Now you are a little more stable financially and looking to expand your horizons. So go ahead and try at that masterpiece again.

Patience and wisdom have led you down this path and up the ladder to the attic. You are different than you were when you were younger. Now you think about things like leaving a legacy for the kids. You want your kids being proud of you and you want to be proud of yourself. This kind of sentiment has been creeping into your thoughts lately.

Money and fame were not what you were after when you first bought the supplies. You wanted to define yourself with art. You wanted to make a mark on the world and express your individual identity. Well that may have gotten lost along the days that led you to here. It happens to the best of them. You want to be a part of history and art can give you that chance.

So you found your box of supplies and opened them up. The paint has weathered the years in their little tubes. The canvas is still tightly stretched across the wooden frame. The brushes were never opened. It does make you sad that this part of you was hidden away in a box long ago.

It happens to many people. Responsibility sometimes forces people to put away childish things. In order to make a living it is sometimes important to focus on one thing. This is what became of the dreams and the dreams of those before you probably also met with a similar demise.

Now you can fix that error. Did your children even know that you could draw or paint. Well, what your idea of painting is. Don't apologize for your work. You can be your own worse critique. Allow criticism to improve your skills instead of rejecting it or taking it personally.

As with any other skill is must be practiced. One thing that has not changed about painting, it is really messy. That is the attraction of art to the kids. This is a fun way to make a mess without being scolded. That is what many see in art also. It is a fun way to be messy and not be yelled at from anyone else.

Try to put time aside each week to work on art projects. Also try to include the children in this activity as well. Children often times appreciate the bonding experience with their parent. Even though they may not show it right away. They can even start their own box of Art Supplies. Hopefully, they will never close the box on their dreams.

Don't shy away from an enjoyable experience because of the cost of art supplies online. It is true, most art supplies can be pretty pricey. Do your own research and follow expert guidance. This is a good idea to do when you are looking for artist easels, canvas, and other items online. Get them from art supply stores.

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