Art on the leaf, do you know the leaf painting?

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Oil painting is more important than our think in our life .we send oil paintings to our friend or family as a present on their birthday or festival and holiday; we decorate our room using oil painting; many people collects oil painting as investment .how many kind of oil painting do you known?
According to what I know the kind of the oil painting contains:modern oil paintings, classic oil painting, pop art,abstract oil painting, impressionist oil painting,eastern art, and so on, all these are on canvas, but do you see the oil painting on one piece of small leaf?
The leaf painting is a unique kind of art. It takes the leaf as a carrier through special craft reconstruction of image and makes full use of the leaf to create unique artistic work. The painting undergoes 60 multi-channel working procedures by the professional artists to bring back the leaf to an eternal life, contributing to art a new breath of air.
The earliest leaf painting have appeared in China, and India with main form: Using paint to draw on the surface of dry leaf to complete leaf paintings. In this case, the leaf play the role as drawing-paper, artists still have to use paint to finish their art-works. A basic drawback of this art form is: Leaf size is limited so that it will restrict the creative power of artists who require a bigger ground for their art-works.

Do you like to have a piece of leaf painting?

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