Art on giclee canvas print

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Giclee canvas print is something that has been in the industry since 1980’s. However, this form of printing images, photos and art work on canvas has gained popularity since the past few years. This type of art work was first developed with the help of Iris graphic and ink-jet printers. With the advancement in technology the Iris printers were replaced by better ink jets that could retain the freshness of the color. Today the cartridge printers generate printouts that do not fade quickly and can last for a long time. One can also customize the printout by adding graphics, choosing the texture of the canvas and also the technology.

Giclee canvas prints got their name from a French word “le gicleur” which means nozzle. This technology has helped the artists who want to generate images of the original art work. With the help of this technology the artist will be able to not only produce prints of art they created by also different photographs and digital images. As the giclee prints can be printed and sold individually as per the demands of the audience, this form of ink jet cartridge printout have proved to be very beneficial and also economical at the same time. The use of ink jet has proved to be an advantage as they give the user to choose for the size, dimensions, images, colors and many more such options.

Giclee canvas prints are very helpful as they provide a wide variety of tools and applications to choose form. One can get a printout of a family image or a professional artist can preserve his work of art by printing it on a canvas. This technology can also be used as an advertising toll for many businesses. Classic giclee prints are also helpful for painters or other professional artists to preserve age old paintings or other work of art. Such canvas printing techniques are gaining popularity because they are durable and also affordable at the same time. They are also capable to preserve the painting for a long time as such canvas is fade resistant. It is also provided with a coating that protects the picture from UV-rays.

The ink used is archival and pigment based which ensures that the prints are able to retail the original color. Some reputed companies also provide facilities that help to accessorize the printout by framing and mounting that adds to the life of the printout. One also has to take due care of the canvas prints so that they can last longer. The instructions given by the service provider should be strictly followed to retain the lush color and also the texture of the image. These canvas prints are better than the glossy photo paper printout.

About: This technology also helps to change the dimensions of the images to enhance the quality and color. Therefore, opt of the Giclee Prints instead of the traditional or conventional printouts that are expensive and that have a minimum life.

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