Arminak & Associates, World Leader In Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Packaging

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The last few years have seen a growth of interest regarding anything eco-friendly and green; individuals all over the world are wishing to make a difference on the deterioration of our environment and Arminak Associates is now making its own difference by offering eco-friendly cosmetic packaging. Arminak & Associates provides packaging to many leading cosmetic brands internationally; by allowing these brands to go green and emphasize their environmental-friendly business plan, Arminak & Associates ensures that women [and men] in many countries can use cosmetic products in good conscience, knowing that the bottles and containers have a recyclable capacity.

Each year, our landfills are being filled by tons and tons of cosmetic packaging products. People buy spray bottles, foamers, airless bottles and other cosmetic containers without ever giving thought of what will happen with that container once the product inside is all used up. This often results in a strong impact on our environment, as these bottles are simply being tossed in already filled dumps and landfills; for anyone with a green conscience, this thought is rather alarming. Keeping this in mind, as well as the fact that cosmetic products are an essential part of many people's lives, Arminak & Associates proposes its very own solution.

Arminak & Associates produces cosmetic packaging, which is then being ordered and bought by large cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies to market their products and sell them to the consumers. By adding a new line of green and eco-friendly oriented products, Arminak & Associates is hoping to push this new line towards its big and small clients in order to allow them to be green as well. This will result in more consumers filling their cupboards with recyclable eco-friendly cosmetic packaging and containers as opposed to unrecyclable plastic items.

These new eco friendly cosmetic packaging products are mostly fabricated with bamboo, paper & cardboard as well as recyclable plastic, in order for the empty containers to be deposited in a recycling bin once it is emptied out of its content. The bamboo line, perhaps one of the most popular and complete, includes eyeliner tubes, mascara tubes, lipstick containers and other essentials of a cosmetic bag. These products can be entirely customized and designed to fit the needs of each and every clients and provide a unique look and opportunity for any cosmetic manufacturer looking to make a difference with the environmental situation.

By choosing Arminak & Associates for all cosmetic packaging solutions, clients can now rest assured that they have the option to be entirely green and eco-friendly; the recyclable containers designed by Arminak & Associates will be the perfect bait to win over eco-conscious consumers in a very ethical way. With a growing green community, it is all natural that even cosmetic packaging turns eco-friendly and joins the club; recycling cosmetic packaging will make an unprecedented difference in the size and situation of our landfills all around the world.
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Arminak & Associates, Inc., headquartered in Southern California with contract manufacturing facilities overseas, we provide innovative products at the lowest possible cost. Let our team find or develop the right product for your packaging needs. For more information please visit

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