Arm Lift Surgery - Fixing those

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The Arm Lift Surgical Procedure and How it May Benefit You.

The aging process. It happens to all of us, and can affect us in many different ways. One of these ways is the loss of the skin's elasticity, which is one of the most common causes of the phenomenon commonly known as "bingo wings".

Although the term may be humorous, most people affected by this problem will not really find much reason for amusement. The loss of elasticity of the skin on the upper arms can lead to flaps of loose skin hanging off previously taut, toned arms, providing a dead-giveaway about the sufferer's age. This condition is often exacerbated by weight-loss, and the loose skin is impossible to shift using diet or exercise. In short, the only solution to bingo wings is the surgical procedure known as arm lift surgery.

Arm Lift surgery is one of those surgical procedures that is rapidly gaining popularity and is expected to continue to do so. Getting an arm lift allows the patient to feel confident while wearing short-sleeved shirts and summer clothes, and so can be very liberating for them.

As a cosmetic surgery procedure, the arm lift is one of the more simple ones, although that should certainly not mean that a decision to resort to arm lift surgery is to be taken lightly. All surgical procedures do have an element of risk, and the arm lift is no exception. The cosmetic surgeon and clinic should be chosen with great care, as your health is the most important factor. The surgeon should be experienced and qualified, not just in plastic surgery, but specifically with the arm lift procedure. Even then, it is important to understand that there is a risk of complications, even for the best cosmetic surgeons. Uncommon, but possible complications include haematomas, infections, and skin death.

This need not discourage you from getting rid of those bingo wings, but nobody should consider arm lift surgery before learning about the risks.

So, how is the arm lift procedure performed?

After accessing and marking the areas to be improved, the surgeon will make an incision on the inner arm, which will, depending on the area of the arm to be lifted, be either curved or a zigzag. In cases where there is a great deal of excess skin, the incisions will naturally be more extensive than in a more minor case. The patient must be aware that there will be scarring, and it is up to the patient to decide whether a degree of scarring is preferable to them compared to the flapping skin on their arms.

The procedure can be expected to take a couple of hours, during which time the patient will be under a general anesthetic. The patient is generally required to stay at the clinic for at least two days, and of cause the patient will have to rest for some time after that.

Most arm lift patients find that they are delighted with the results of their surgery, and many will return for other treatments, or combine other treatments at the same time. Although combining different types of cosmetic surgery can be a more economical way, and is certainly very popular especially amongst medical tourists, it is generally regarded as safer to recover from one operation at a time, rather than multiply your chances of complications.

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