Are The Most Sensitive Body Areas Suitable For VASER Liposuction?

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VASER liposuction, which is considered one of the most popular methods of removing extra flab accumulated in your body, has passed few years since its invention. Lately, there are great numbers of ways by which VASER Liposuction is utilized to attain a proper body contour. The popularity of VASER is soaring due to the advanced and improved technique of the procedure is enabling the surgeons to precisely segregate small packs of fats from sensitive areas of body to attain a more contoured result.

The traditional liposuction works effectively at general areas of the body including waist, chest or breast, belly and back. However, with the aid of VASER Lipo’s advanced ultrasound technique, it is possible to reduce fat from less common but more sensitive areas like the chin, knees or ankles and buttocks.

Here we are presenting the eight most frequently requested areas that patients are interested to undergo contouring using VASER Liposuction procedures:
1. The Tummy: Abdominal liposuction is the most sought after area among all. In this case, the cosmetic surgeon considers the abdomen as being comprised of two separate and distinctive areas – the upper abdomen and the lower abdomen. Make sure to converse about this issue with your cosmetic surgeon, as the rate of the operation is generally calculated on a ‘per area’ basis.
2. Facial Lipo: Facial Lipo, as a part of facial lift can make your facial contour perfect. VASER Lipo cosmetic surgeon uses tiny cannuals which produce a smooth and natural result on your face.
3. The Thighs: The outcome of VASER Lipo of both the inner and outer thighs often results in well-sculpted thighs.
4. Chin lipo: Though this is associated with facial lipo, but it deserves a special mentioning in its own right because it is not always performed as a part of a facial lift. However, the unattractive double chin problem can easily be treated with a chin lipo procedure.
5. The Upper arms: Unsightly ‘bat-wings’ can show up after loosing weight and can be contour using VASER Lipo.
6. Buttock Lipo: VASER Liposuction has the ability to change the back view of a person, dramatically, by buttock lipo, which results into buttock lift.
7. Gynecomastia Liposuction: Men sometimes develop male breast, which can be well addressed by gynecomastia liposuction.
8. The Back: Sometimes people develop flab on the upper back between the shoulder blades, which is quite difficult to remove with diet and exercise. VASER lipo is ideal to trigger the problem.

Thus, VASER Liposuction is the ideal solution to sculpt the flab from about any area of the body.

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