Are Penny Auctions Real?

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Absolutely Not! Well maybe some are.

How can you tell which ones are and which ones are not. You can't always go by what others say because some players may stretch the truth a bit when they don't win and because they don't win they are pissed off and try to justify the loss with calling a penny auction website a scam. Yeah I don't like not winning either but it is gonna happen from time to time.

I saw this one case where this customer slammed a penny auction because they thought they were being scammed so we investigated it a little just to see. We found that the penny auction in question has been operating for over a year now and could only find one complaint against them and I bet you can guess who complained. We read some emails from both parties involved and a major portion of the conversation was left out of the complaint where they were bashing them.

Something along the lines of they never returned my emails and they have shill bidding going on. After looking at the emails they returned every email sent to this customer and with an average turnaround time of approximately 30 minutes for each email. This customer when confronted with this they decided not to write back anymore but still refuses to correct the statement they made. Oh yeah the customer all the while kept insisting on getting their bids back not money but bids, now why in the world would you want bids back when you know they are cheating?

The reason I bring this up is for you to do your homework about the penny auction website that you plan to play with and don't get me wrong there are a number of scam websites out there but a penny auction was hurt in this for no good reason, be sure to have proof when you accuse and we will post it.

Other players are a great resource for finding legit penny auctions, so check out that player first with how many comments they have made. If all a player does is bash penny auction websites then they may not be the best source to go by, look for the more level headed player that gives honest comments.

Be careful of some other websites that think they are the eye's and ears of the penny auction world because more people seem to want to read about bad news then the good, heck just watch the evening news. Like I said before do your homework first before bidding, make sure when you find a legit penny auction that you are either in it to win or just the enjoyment of playing with a few bids and hope for the best.

Check out how long they have been doing business.

What is their ranking?

Do they have a good support section?

Read their terms and conditions.

Do they have reserves?

Do a Google search on them and find out if a large number of players had problems.

Be sure that when you search that it isn't a bunch of the same articles that were picked up by other websites by RSS (this is common).

Check for complaints with the BBB.

Remember to give positive feedback where due even if you don't win!

Let us know what you think about this.

Bob Bronson at

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