Are Movies Today Worst Than Twenty Years Ago?

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Have you formed any opinions on the quality of todays movies as compared to that
of many years ago. Now, myself, I am only 37 years old but in my most humble of
opinions, I would venture to say that the quality of todays movies is truly
lacking as compared to movies of many years back.

This is probably not the movie studios fault altogether as they simply have had
less to film about in terms of subject matter. It just stands to reason that
a lot of the stories have already been told right?

Probably! However, as competition from lesser studios with B style movies and
fees for good to great actors escalating to the stratosphere, it's no wonder
major blockbusters are becoming less everyday indeed.

Movies like 'The Shining', 'Star Wars', 'Friday the 13th', 'Halloween', and
'Urban Cowboy' are not what the studios are consistently putting out nowadays!
Either, the major film studios are merely looking more for a profit and less
for quality is anyones guess.

Moreover, you could make an argument that this is the case any margin is a win

for them despite poor plots and bad acting. It's like good movies come and go
like the wind more so than ever and have an inconsistency like never before.

Unfortunately, this is the way of the movie industry today! Heck, there are
movies that never hit the big screen that play pretty good in any dvr player
and no one probably knows of them.

When these style of movies that go straight to video arose; it sort of diluted
the movie industry altogether, and took up space in the video stores next to
highly publicized movies.

This could be a good explanation of why todays movies seem less substantive than
the major hits of the seventies, eighties, and nineties. However, this
shouldn't keep us from our quest to find needles in the proverbial 'haystack'
for gems in recent years!

Yes, our cinema as become much more diluted as of recent and viewing a great
movie is harder to come by, but careful selection is key. Listen to your
friends and family more than ever before as it can save you a lot of hours

in front of a dud movie.

In addition: take into account some of the online unlimited options and the
kiosk style 'redbox' rentals to save money over the long term instead of
spending a lot at the box office and shooting in the dark!

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