Are Function, Pub and Wedding Bands All The Same?

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If you are looking for live entertainment for your wedding, do you go for a Pub and Club band, a Function band or a Wedding band? Here you can find out the difference between them and how to find a good wedding band north east
that will make your evening a success.
When people are looking to book live entertainment for their event they are often not sure what kind of entertainment to search for.
For instance: if you are looking for evening entertainment for a wedding in the north east should you be searching for a wedding band north east or a function band or just any old pub and club band? Let's look at the options.
1. Pub/Club Bands are bands who perform mostly in pubs and private parties. They usually only perform a maximum of 2x45 minute sets per night and often only one. Their sets tend to be pretty much fixed and don’t need to be varied to suit the audience, which tends to be similar every night. Pub bands will also usually play in one particular style all night in order to give themselves an identity. They are generally not playing primarily for dancing so there is no sense of urgency to keep the dance floor full and the main aim is to impress the band’s identity on the audience rather than the other way round. Pub bands’ repertoire is usually fairly narrow and limited, quite often when they learn a new song they will discard one from the “bottom” of the list. Where pub bands fail most is, because of the nature of the work they undertake, they do not need to provide any kind of customer service other than to turn up and play. More of this later.

2. Function Bands are a much better bet for entertainment at your wedding evening, particularly if you are expecting a large crowd with a younger age range. Function bands are accustomed to performing in larger and more up market venues such as Marquees, conference centers and hotels. They are also accustomed to providing a certain level of customer service from having to liaise with their clients with regard to the format of the event, setting up before meal service etc.. However, many function bands consist of 7 or 8 members and often carry full brass sections and backing singers in order to give a fuller sound and the razzmatazz to keep the attention of crowds who are often attending a function under duress – to be seen attending by the boss or because their spouse works for the company and insists that they attend too. Another common feature of functions is that the younger guests only go for the free food and drink and then head to the nearest disco, so a function band needs to be very attention grabbing. For a wedding evening you do not necessarily want a band that is going to take up half the room with their gear, insist on a stage and then blast you and your guests with a nonstop wall of 70s and 60s disco hits – you probably want something a little subtler. This is where those who would describe themselves as wedding bands north east come in.

3. Wedding Bands have a particular set of skills which are pretty much unique to the wedding business. Brides and grooms very often have never booked an act or organized any kind of function before so they will appreciate some input into the organization of their day from the band.
For instance, a good wedding band will know how to arrange their sets in the evening to work around the timing of the buffet and will be able to liaise with the maitre d’ of the venue to ensure that the buffet is not served too soon after the wedding breakfast when it would therefore go largely to waste as no one would be hungry. Like function bands, wedding bands will generally have a much larger repertoire. Wedding bands are also best able to play music which covers a wide range of styles and tempos to cater for the several generations of guests at a wedding. A good wedding band will also have a stock of suitable songs for the 1st dance, in case the bride and groom have not already decided – something pub and function bands don’t have to think about. Most of all, wedding bands need to be flexible. No two wedding days are ever the same and while some do run to plan, it’s far more common for the timings to slip by up to a couple of hours by the time the evening starts and this is where a good flexible band can have the advantage. All things considered, if you are looking for a live band for your wedding you should be looking for a band who consider themselves to be a wedding band firstly and then a function band. If your wedding is the north east then try searching for “wedding band north east” in Google or Yahoo and most of the bands there will be suitable for your event.

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