Are China mobile phones really worth the price?

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For those of you who are looking to buy really affordable mobile phones, China phones could be the best bet. China happens to be among the best countries that specialize in cheap and good mobile phones.

The mobile phone industry in China is very well developed and some of its brands are widely acclaimed throughout the globe. Sciphone, Hiphone, Airphone, Eken and UPMC are some of the very popular brands that are also used extensively by people in the United States.

As of now, China has become the nation that produces the maximum number of mobile phones in the world. The annual volume of production of these phones range in the volumes of hundreds of millions. Cell phones are in tremendous demand all throughout the world, and the Chinese market is certainly trying hard to meet this demand.

Here, in this article, we take into account some features of these China phones that make them worth their price and all the talk.


The first question in the mind of any customer when buying a China phone will probably be – are they really as cheap as people say? Well, the answer is, yes. China mobile phones are comparatively more affordable than any other brand in the phone manufacturing industry. Whereas a good phone when bought from any other manufacturer can cost you anywhere around a $100, a good quality China phone will only cost you somewhere around $60 - $80. Of course, the prices can drop if you place bulk orders. Although the price largely depends on the features provided in the phone, most of the phones manufactured here come with the basic functions that we all are used to.


This is another very important and much talked about aspect when it comes to buying a China phone. However, there is a simple answer to this question too. Let’s look at this aspect this way – if these phones were not reliable, wouldn’t the entire Chinese phone manufacturing industry be contracting as opposed to expanding?

However, this does not mean that any China phone that you purchase will of the top quality. Some phones are undoubtedly better than the others. But then, this does not only apply to these phones. This fact holds true for all the phones, no matter where it is manufactured.

Usually, all the phones are manufactured using the best standards of profession and are definitely worth an investment risk.


Now, to be sure that you are buying a good phone that you intend to use at least for a couple of years, it really wouldn’t hurt to perform a little customer research to know how the phone is faring in the views of the people who already own it. Reading customer reviews and some technical blog posts are the best ways to start your research. All you need to do is to search for the mode number of the phone on any of the online search engines that you prefer.
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