Are Britains laws letting it down badly?

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Looking around what is happening in the country today the question that comes top most to the mind is Are UKs laws not effective enough? The saying The law is a donkey never seemed more true ever in the past than in todays bleak scenario. Just consider how the courts have hopelessly failed to safeguard public interest when it comes to deporting an openly hostile man like Anjim Chaudhary or the recent case of letting off Pakistani students accused of planning terrorist hits. The law has nothing against immigrants coming in as an exodus, spreading their religion ( Islam for the records is the fastest spreading religion in the UK and the number of Hindus outnumber the Jews living here), they can express solidarity with groups that are avowedly anti-Britain and the law can do little about it. Even in the rare event of being apprehended they are most likely to be let off for want of irrefutable clinching evidence which is as difficult to produce as evidence for the existence of the Loch Ness Monster. In such a state one would tend to wonder if the law is only effective in apprehending motorists who violate traffic rules.

It is true that the law can be invoked only when an act that clearly breaches it is committed and no action can be taken even if common sense, logic and overwhelming circumstantial evidence clearly point to potential danger, including sabotage and large scale killing.

It is apparent that given todays laws, immigration is going to ebb and flow in the coming years and swamp us from all sides. The large presence of immigrants speaking their language, following their religion would raise questions of ethnicity and race and change the face of Britain beyond recognition. To those optimists who predict that UK would emerge a strong economy in the midst of all this chaos with the tapping of North sea oil making it an oil rich nation, the question is who would be the dominant community in this prosperous and advanced Britain? Will Brits not be pushed to the fringe and live as a minority if todays trend continues?

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