Are Breast Implants Right For You?

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What is the most common plastic surgery procedure for women? Breast implants! Both silicone and saline implants are used to improve women's self esteem, body image, and sexual appeal. But some women should not get breast implants. Certain women just are not good candidates and should avoid getting this procedure done. The most important issues that women may want to consider before getting breast augmentation are: age, their history with pregnancies, clinical depression, life changes, and motive.


Breast augmentation is particularly popular among young women. Many young women want implants to enhance breasts that never completely formed (technically known as micromastia) or to improve upon noticeably uneven breast sizes. Even though most young women are good candidates, they may want to reconsider when they face these issues. As a general rule, however young women, especially those under 30 years old should delay the surgery if possible. Throughout their twenties, most women's breast tissues change quite a bit, while the size and shape of the implants do not change. This can produce an unnatural appearance in later years.

Unfortunately, breast implants do not last forever. Implants don't come with expiration dates, but they can wear out and grow weak over time. If the implants begin to leak, they will need to be removed or replaced (after about twenty years in most cases). Therefore, an eighteen year old patient should expect to have her implants changed at least twice in her lifetime.


Pregnancy produces a natural enlargement of the breasts. The hormones that accompany pregnancy cause these changes in order to prepare the mother's body to feed her baby. This occurs whether a mother actually breastfeeds or not. In similar way, after pregnancy and weaning are accomplished, women experience a natural "deflating" of their breasts. These dramatic natural changes make it wise for younger women in the height of their child-bearing years to delay augmentation until after their children are born.


Many women with a psychiatric illness or a history of depression see breast augmentation as a way to change themselves and possibly improve their self esteem. However, these patients have unrealistic expectations for implant surgery. Although this change may improve the patients self-image, it will not change the patients' vulnerability to depression. This procedure is not a quick fix for mental illness.

Life Changes

Breast augmentation will not solve major life crises like those brought on by divorce or a bad relationship. Body altering surgery is not an the best way to work through such problems. Larger breasts are unlikely to rescue a troubled marriage, salvage a failing career or spark a truly healthy romance.


A woman's self-image and personal-esteem should not depend solely upon the size of her breasts. And, just as importantly, a women's acceptance by a lover or partner should also not be subjected to the test of breast size. Such motives are poor motives for getting breast augmentation. Instead, good candidates for the procedure need to be self-motivated for the surgery.


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