Are Actors Paid Too Much For Movies?

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Movies have came along way as an industry much like any other random business
in life. They have gone from the days of the crank camera to the massive
productions assisted by 'more than it's share' of computer generated imagery.

We know today that there are distinctive levels of demand via the general public
for various actors, and as with anything demand based, there is a price
associated with it. Moreover, it's very similar to the sports world. If a
quarterback comes off the bench to replace a veteran for a season and does
quite well, he can become a free agent the subsequent season and create his own
asking price.

The same holds true for the actor. They can be placed into a movie as a rookie
of sorts and have a shining performance along with the movie doing well via
ticket sales. This inevitably rises their value whether fully established as a
legitimate box office actor or not.

Therefore, the question is are actors paid too much for movies generally

speaking? Many people will take the stance that if the market bears that price
for that specific name, then no they are not overpaid. However, we all know
that this so called 'market' can be so skewed and hard to interpret, that many
minimum price per picture actors use it to inflate their value.

Just as with anything, established actors with many proven movies under their
belt should be at the top of the totem pole. As for the others, there should be
a cap of sorts set even if it's merely 'in house' whereby actors can only demand
a set amount and nothing greater until they have reached a certain level.

Again, this is no different than in sports where a pitcher may be highly drafted
and have never pitched a major league game in his life, but be paid extremely
high even before stepping onto the mound.

Performance is underrated in many aspects in life and actors salaries in new
movies is certainly no exception. If you have the time or inclination, take a

look at an actor or actresses asking salary next time before going to their
film and determine whether you think they are worth that number or not.

You just may find yourself wondering if they are being paid too much!

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