Ardyss Body Magic Review: Ardyss Body Magic Finally Exposed

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Do you know anyone who would like to Drop up to 3 sizes in 10 minutes? No diets, no exercise, no surgery, no pills. Of course you do… What you just read is the most commonly used sales pitch that claims the success of Ardyss International's best seller the Body Magic.

In today's society so many people are creating and using all sorts of products to lose weight. Many of these products state claims of being all natural or organic but in actuality they contain ingredients that are harmful to the body. Even though companies have an ethical responsibility to customers, consumers bare the ultimate responsibility of protecting themselves. However, this can not be done without increased awareness of products that have potential to be unsafe. This review was created with the intention to reveal the facts about the Ardyss Body Magic. Hopefully, after reading this review you will have gained enough knowledge to make an informed decision about the Body Magic and/or the company behind the Ardyss Body Magic "Ardyss International".

Before I give you the meat and potatoes about the Ardyss Body Magic I am going to wet the appetite of those of you who are hearing about the Body Magic for the first time and want to learn more, or those of you who have been given limited information about the Body Magic along with an invitation to a Reshaping Party or Ardyss Body Magic Showcase.

About the Ardyss Body Magic

The Body Magic was designed for slightly overweight individuals to instantly reduce size and convey a more esthetic shape. It comes in three colors: beige, black, and white. The Body Magic is made out of light weight medically graded material. The size ranges from 22-48.When the Body Magic is worn correctly it distributes fatty tissue to places where it is needed and removes it from places where it is not. Over time the Ardyss Body Magic will help improve the function of all internal organs that are located in the abdomen by restoring the pressure that was lost due to age or obesity. The Body Magic also straightens the spine and corrects posture. The Body Magic lifts buttock muscles to promote their proper functioning and prevent sagging.

Recommended uses of the Ardyss Body Magic

The Ardyss Body Magic is for individuals who are overweight
Use the Ardyss Body Magic to look spectacular for special events (Weddings, Proms, Pageants)
Use the Ardyss Body Magic in cases of liposuction

Cons of the Ardyss Body Magic

The Ardyss Body Magic is an exceptional garment if your goal is to reshape your body and lose inches. Nonetheless, just like any other product there are cons. Truthfully speaking my first encounter with the Body Magic was not a good one. I arrived to my appointment, was given a quick run down about the Ardyss Body Magic and the company. Next, I tried on the Body Magic. The first Ardyss Body Magic that I tried on was too big -deliberately. The second Ardyss Body Magic that I tried on was stretched out of shape so it did not reflect my true size. I was instructed to order a size smaller than my thorax measurement.

When it arrived, my husband and I spent almost one hour trying to put the Body Magic on. Eventually we gave up. Instead of me exchanging it, I took it to a local showcase to see if an experienced distributor could help. After the meeting was over, I found someone who assured me that she would put me in the Ardyss Body Magic. I was very excited, so I patiently waited in line to experience this phenomenon. To my surprise, I actually fit in the Ardyss Body Magic after 15 min of inhaling and exhaling, pushing, pulling, shimming, twisting, and turning. That was a workout in itself. For those of you wondering if I really dropped up to 3 sizes the answer is yes. However, the Ardyss Body Magic was too small and too painful to continue wearing. I could not bend over, I could barley talk or drive home that night. Moreover, my body was not proportionate without wearing both the Body Magic and the Angel Bra. So after that night I threw my Ardyss Body Magic aside and went on about my everyday life. About three or four weeks later my husband asked, "What happened to your Body Magic?" That prompted me to try it on once again; in hopes that it may have stretched a little in the hour that I was able to keep it on. We were actually able to put it on this time. After a couple hours the friction and the pain was still unbearable. Finally, I ordered the next size up. This enabled me to drop 2 inches instead of three.

Tips for most effective use of the Ardyss Body Magic

1. Order the correct size: To get your size measure your thorax. If your thorax measurement is 34, then your Body Magic Size is 34. F.Y.I.-Your thorax is the area located under your breast. Watch How to Measure Videos on Ardyss YouTube channel.
2. Let someone assist you with putting on the Ardyss Body Magic the first 3 or 4 times so that you do not tear the garment.
3. Wear the Ardyss Body Magic at least 2-3 hours the first time you put it on. Expect slight discomfort.
4. If you are tall, you may have to purchase extensions for the straps. (Wal-Mart)
5. Wear the Ardyss Body Magic everyday, at least 8 hours a day until you reach your target size.
6. Keep your skin moisturized to avoid friction.
7. Do not put the Ardyss Body Magic in the dryer.
8. If your stomach tissues are hard you may need to use the Ultra Body Cleanser (natural detox) before wearing the Body Magic.
9. Wear the Angel Bra so that your body is proportionate.
10. Drink LeVive to see permanent results from the Body Magic.

I do realize that in addition to wearing the Ardyss Body Magic I have recommended more Ardyss Products. You are not obligated to purchase them. Remember this review it based on my experience. Personally, I find the Ardyss Body Magic to be more effective when used in a combination verses standing alone. Of course the cost will be more up front but the benefits will be greater. If you follow all of these tips you will see your body transform right before your eyes. You will indeed fall in love with the Ardyss Body Magic just like myself and millions of women all over the globe.

Do not let the prices discourage you. I am going to show you a way to maximize your Ardyss Body Magic experience. Get everything you need: Body Magic, Ultra Body Cleanser, Angel Bra, and LeVive at a Low Cost (wholesale) when you join the Ardyss family starting at $30. Why not get Healthy, Drop up to 3 sizes and Recession Proof your Income in the Process!

An Appointment with Ardyss will Change your Life! How to Join A Winning Ardyss Team.

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