Archos Clipper: The Definitive Review

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Barely bigger than a quarter, the Archos Clipper is truly a modern electronics marvel. Weighing in at less than a half an ounce, there's simply no better method to make your music mobile. If you're going for a run, you want as little weight burdening you as feasible. If you are in the gym, you don't wish to be saddled with a bulky MP3 player acquiring inside your way. Sadly, my iPod touch frequently has this issue, as well as being prone to slipping and falling out of my shorts pockets. But the Archos Clipper frees you from all these burdens. This article reviews the Archos Clipper so you'll be equipped to make an educated, informed buying decision.

Whilst it's impressively small, it's also impressive in its sound high quality. Couple high quality with convenience, and you've a winner. As its name suggests, it has a clip so you can listen to your music hands-free.

It also has some great features. Despite its small size, it has a full suite of controls. With the capability to skip forward and play in "shuffle" mode, you do not have to listen to songs that you do not particularly feel inside the mood for. And you will get the satisfaction of anticipating regardless of whether the next song is 1 of your favorites. That's the main reason I love shuffle mode; it's fun to attempt to guess what the next song will probably be!

Additionally to its controls, the Archos Clipper has much more features that make it a wonderful MP3 player. It has the capability to playback music in MP3 or WMA file formats, so you'll be able to listen to your whole audio library - regardless of whether it's music, podcasts, or essentially anything!

The Archos Clipper has 2GB of memory which should be enough for around 1,000 songs assuming your music is, on average, three.5 minutes long per song and saved at 64 kbits/second. But what's even greater is its genuinely epic battery life. You will be able to listen to your music for about 11 hours, non-stop. This comes in genuinely handy for lengthy flights, camping trips, or extended stays away from a power source.

And do not worry about having to purchase batteries. The Archos Clipper comes with an internal rechargeable battery so you won't incur any extra costs after purchasing the Clipper (which is already super inexpensive!).

The last wonderful feature that you get with the Archos Clipper is the intuitive drag-and-drop software which simplifies the method of adding music.

The only gripe that I have is with the headphones. Since the Archos Clipper is so low cost, I recommend you take a few of the dollars you save and purchase a nice pair of headphones. Not only will the music sound much better, but they'll fit your ears a little much better and be a lot more comfortable.

All in all, I highly recommend buying an Archos Clipper. You can't beat the price, features, slick design, and top quality, all bundled into 1 neat little coin-sized package.

There are a lot more reviews and details on the subject of MP3 products by Archos and Archos-made Clipper at my website. I will furthermore let you in on a little secret: Where to get them cheaper than anywhere else on the web ;) Thanks a lot for browsing, and best of luck!

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