Arcade Games: A New Mania

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Arcade games are another type of games which provide entertainment and relaxation to players. These games are played with the help of a coin. These arcade games usually need particular coin to run them as they are installed in coin operated electronic machine. These games are installed at so many places like restaurants, play parks, casinos, and amusement parks and gaming houses. The most common and easily found type of arcade game looks something fixed in tall wooden boxes with control buttons and levers in front of the box and a screen to see and play. Usually, the coins which are needed to run the games are purchased from the arcade game houses and it does not even cost much as compared to the excitement and entertainment they provide. Arcade games have many positive effects on children but like other things, it has its own share of negative aspects too.
Studies recommend that children should play games daily but not more than two to three hours. Remember that spending whole day in playing arcade games may affect their social life and academic performance. The genre of the games which a child plays is of utmost importance. Parents should keep an eye on their child and should know whether their child is playing games which are recommended for his age or not? Parents should check the ratings before they purchase a game for their kids. As we know that most of the games contain violent actions due to which the increase of aggression in children is noticed. This is also complained by large number of parents world wide. Parent should let their children play only those arcade games which are not appropriate for their young immature minds.
The time children spend playing arcade games can have direct effects on their academic performance. As children when becomes addict of any game, they never bother to do the home work and quit hobbies and refrain themselves from family and friends just to play their favorite games. As a result, their grades and performance in schools get affected which is surely not acceptable in this competing world. As children become obsessed with these arcade games, they get more and more into it. They prefer to play games rather eating healthy food and playing out doors due to which the health and activeness of child suffer adverse effects.
Studies show that children who pass most of their time in playing video games usually develop behavior which is often anti-social. Of course no parents would want such behaviors in their children and therefore, a check from parentsí side is a must. Parents can lemmatize the time of playing games and engage them in other healthy activities such as swimming and playing out doors. Arcade games have their share of positive effects on children too. They give children a chance to interact with each other and work as team and to understand each other. With the help of these games children learn to follow the rules by giving turns and solve the problems with logic and creativity.

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