Apps boom continues

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The app marketplace is in a state of boom. The popularity of smartphones is only increasing, and there’s a lot of money to be made in this sector. We’re at a stage where consumers are consuming a lot of apps and companies are getting heavily involved, but there are still opportunities for small companies, start-ups and creative people with ideas to get involved on the ground floor and experience the boom along with the rest of the industry.

Smartphones – and more specifically, iPhones – are becoming incorporated into the mobile and online strategies of most major companies. But you don’t have to be a major organisation to take advantage of the smartphone and app explosion.

Have you been developing an idea for an app that you think might just fill a hole in the market? Do you want to find some financing, and get the ball rolling? Before plunging headfirst into the world of venture capital and investment, just ask yourself – how much do I actually know about garnering investment?

Jenna Wortham, of The New York Times, believes that companies “...see [apps] as a way to reach beyond the Web for consumers.”

If companies like Apple, Google and IAC are investing in the app market, why aren’t you? What’s stopping you from putting your ideas out there, or from putting some of your capital into a promising proposal?

As a booming industry, the apps development and sales sector has openings left right and centre. If you’re a creative person with an idea that could make money, or an investor with a knack for picking the right project, apps are where it’s at.

Do you want to make your brilliant, innovative idea for an app a reality? There’s a new website on the block that helps to connect you – and your idea – with Angel investors looking to put their money towards a new, interesting project. Guess what? Your idea is worth money, and by sitting idly by and leaving that idea lie dormant, you’re losing out on the potential profits.

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