Applying For the Call Center Agent Position

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The call center agent job position was one of the most popular and in-demand job positions available in the Philippines. Today, however, the demand for call center agents have dropped due to the many recent events that happened in and out of the country, which greatly affected the call center industry of the Philippines.

However, though the call center industry have taken a slight downturn due to global recession and the many issues concerning the previous government, many call center agencies are still looking for fresh candidates to fill in new positions.

But a number of changes have been made during global recession which made the process a little bit more challenging compared in the past, particularly because some companies still offers a Business to Business Answering Service. So what are the things that applicants would normally encounter when applying for the position of call center agent?

In the past, any Filipino with basic skills in computer usage as well as knowledge in the English language are free to apply. However, due to global recession, which caused a number of these call center agencies to fall, many call center agencies in the Philippines have changed their requirements only to hire those people of high competence.

Some of the most important requirements to become a call center agent today include a college degree who are extremely fluent in English as well as an above average skills in IT. Some may even require a degree in business if the open position is for a Business to Business Answering Service.

Common recruitment processes
During global recession, a number of changes have also been made in their recruitment processes to only accept those who are of high competence compared to other applicants. So what are the usual recruitment processes that applicants go through for applying for the position of call center agent?
Phone screening: This is normally the first test in which applicants must first go through. This is to test the voice quality of the applicant over the phone. This is also the reason why most call center agents are women, which are usually known for their gentler voice compared to the men. This process may also test the applicant's skills in using the English language.

First/Initial interview and Examination: This process is to test the applicant's IQ and EQ tests. This is also to test the applicant's speaking skills, attitude and how confident the applicant responds to questions.
Final interview: Although some companies would usually have a number of interviews before the final interview, most call center agencies would only have two types of interview, the initial and the final interview. In this interview, the applicant is assessed of their customer service, technical, or sales skills particularly when their services may involve a Business to Business Answering Service.For more information visit to our site

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