Apple is luxury brand but worth buying for the high prices

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Why apple's products, including apple's accessories are priced so high? Are these apple items worth buyings? Let's look at Apple's major accomplishments in the past 10 years. Apple has single-handedly revolutionized the computer, mp3 player, smartphone, digital music, electronics retail, and tablet markets. In doing so, it's mastered the gentle art of making powerful products that are easy to use -- the perfect complement to great design.

Embedded deep in Apple is a willingness to ignore critics, break the rules, and make products that change the world. It's the uniqueness of the brand that makes Apple different from all of its competitors, and that's why its products sell for a hell of a lot more than the sum of their parts.

Historically, Apple is really a premium brands, because their products always perform well than others. That's why it becomes the premium brand. One analyst who worries the company's prices are too high is worries too over. There's no reason for Apple to drop the price of its Macs to satisfy all the users. As you can see Mac sales are up with the high-end price, Apple's margins are healthy, and people covet Macs more than any other computer on the market. Consumers are drawn to Macs because they provide more perceived value than any other product on the market. And it's that perception that has made Apple's "premium" strategy an unbridled success.

For years, Apple has contended that it's providing more value for more money and it has always been loath to drop the price of its machines to compete on price with competitors. And so far, Apple hasn't made any statement regarding its desire to change that strategy. Apple has the luxury of being, well, a luxury brand. Most consumers don't look at Apple and put the company on the same level as a Dell or HP. For consumers who want to save money on a computer or don't want to worry about learning Mac OS X, Apple isn't a consideration anyway. But for those people who have some money to spend, they want the most value for their money. And although some would disagree with their sentiment, I think many believe they get more value from a Mac than any other company's products.

People who buy Macs aren't looking to save money; they're looking to buy a premium brand because of the perceived value of the product. Apple understands that; we understand that; why don't choose them? Sure, the market is moving towards cheaper alternatives and some people want smaller laptops, but hasn't anyone noticed that over the past few years, Apple's market share has grown considerably in the face of "cheaper" computers? Even there are so some big online stores made Apple accessories as their featured products, especially PickEgg, you can find thousands of creative Apple accessories ( on just their homepage.

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