Apple ipod nano 6th generation review - is it worth buying?

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Do you Searching for some helpful data in regards to the brand new iPod Nano that was recently released by Apple? Effectively you are in the proper place. I used to be able to take a look at this cool little mp3 player and I'm going to present my initial impressions and a fast review in this article. I believe that the brand new Nano 6G could also be the best "small" mp3 music player yet, and perhaps even the most effective iPod on the market. Here is why...

First of all the new Nano is tiny; I mean extremely small. Now I wouldn't have thought this is able to matter, however when running it is key to have as little bulk on you. I had never found my outdated device oppressive, however I positively felt just a tiny bit lighter with the new one. I do a whole lot of lengthy distance runs, so it is crucial to carry as little weight as attainable and I undoubtedly would not wish to go back to my old Nano after trying this new one.

Personally I find the constructed-in clip excellent for securing the Nano wherever I happen to wish to secure it. Some individuals don't love the truth that Apple took away the video camera however, in my trustworthy opinion, the smaller size and lighter weight greater than make up for the loss of that rarely-used feature.

The solely downside to the new Nano 6th gen is that some users will miss the Click Wheel used in earlier GenerationsThe new touch screen system takes somewhat little bit of time to get used to, especially as it does not function Apple's conventional home button (as found on the iPhone and iPod Touch). However given a little bit little bit of practice the screen works simply advantageous and makes the iPod extra navigable and finally easier to use.
All in all the iPod Nano is a implausible addition to the iPod family and is certainly price selecting up if you like your music players on the small side.
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