Apple Inc Had Launched A New Iphone

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Apple Inc had launched a new iphone. Most of the people had kept its name as Jesus phone. It is said it can heal the sick, walk on water and even defeat death. The iphone has a widescreen ipod, internet commutations and mobile phone all these feature in one phone. The pure visual quality of the phone is enough to attract many people. So let's talk about the modernization of the phone. Apple Inc had decided to make a phone like a computer which has 3.5in touch screen that weighs about 135g and 11mm thick with a high-resolution. This little surprise is going to change the mobile phone industry. In this phone there is no keyboard and what buttons should exist are molded to the small frame of the phone with the exception of the 'Home' button located unremarkably on the front of the phone. This iPhone has all the facilities of today's cell phones with some extra wonders as well.

It has a 2-megapixel camera, dock connector, speaker and microphone, headphone jack, sleep/wake switch and a card slot situated at the top of the phone. The Connectivity includes Bluetooth 2.0, support for EDGE technology and WiFi. Apple Inc had taken the beauty of technology and wrapped all the facility that we need in this 11mm package. It has movie player, camera, television, computer, GPS, phone, and iPod that all come together to form in this iPhone. You can say it is the 8th wonder of the world. In all significance, you can check your email, watch your favorite Bruce Lee flick or listen to your favorite song. This phone is so lustrous and smooth that you can't stop your self to go and touch it. This is a good thing to taking into consideration that system is completely touch-activated. Apple has developed the separate software to make this possible. If you want to access something within the phone you simply reach out and touch the correct icon. For the amount of functionality and applications this phone has it is extremely easy to navigate. In this phone you don't need to sit and dial the number you want to call.

You only have to simply touch the phone number or name you want to call and it is connect. If you want to do a conference call you can even merge calls. With the visual voicemail feature you can look at the voicemail and decide which message you will listen to. Sincerely this small feature is probably the greatest single improvement for the cell phone since ring tones. The many times have you accessed your voicemail you had to suffer through 2 or 3 messages before getting to the one you actually want to listen ?. Now internet access is not a useless option on you phone. The iPhone has a Safari browser which includes a built in Yahoo search and Google. You can also access your email and read a webpage at the same time. So don't think more get your iphone now.

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