Anti Aging Skin Care Guide- Are You Using One?

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An anti aging skin care guide is essential when it comes to protecting your skin, but the process you need to follow should not be a complicated one. If you follow reasonable advice that is contained in a skin care guide, you will realize that it is possible to keep your precious skin looking young even though you may have had another birthday or two.

In part two of this article, we will examine an what products are valuable for an anti aging skin care treatment, but first let us explore some tips on how to maintain younger and healthier skin.

3 Tips For Younger and Healthier Looking Skin

Tip #1

We have all heard that you need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, but did you know that this is also an excellent anti aging skin care treatment. If you do not believe me think about this. What percentage of your body is made up of water? If you said 70% you would be correct. During the course of any given day, we are told to drink 8 glasses of water (pure filtered water since straight tap water contains chemicals that can actually case damage to your health). If you drink more caffeinated drinks such as coffee or cokes, you are actually dehydrating your body which means you are losing water that your body needs to help keep your skin naturally moisturized and not dried out. A good way to tell if your body is dehydrated is if when you urinate, your urine is dark yellow. This means that your body is dehydrated and needs water so be sure to drink plenty of water.

Tip #2

One point that any anti aging skin care guide should be quick to point out is the need for a diet that is filled with green vegetables. Why green vegetables such as collard greens or celery? Leafy greens help to counter the negative effects of free radicals on the body by helping to filter these radicals out of the bloodstream. If you are unsure what free radicals are, they are molecules that travel through your body causing damage, and especially your skin. These free radicals are the main reason behind much of skin damage we see as we age because of their constant attacks on our bodies cells.

Tip #3

As we all know, overexposure to direct sunlight will cause damage to your skin, but did you also know that overuse of sunscreen will also help to hasten the aging process of your skin. Even though your body needs some exposure to sunlight so as to help it produce vitamin D and remain healthy, you need to wear a hat or some other type of clothing to help limit the amount of damage done to your skin, but be vary of the amount of sun screen that you use because the many different types of chemicals used in sunscreen will help in the destruction of your skin.

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