Anti Ageing Creams - A Myth,or Reality?

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You can look at all the graphic details of blemished skin, and oily glands - and wonder if there are practical steps you can take to get that perfect skin, that smooth beautiful skin.

First, you do have to wonder about the wild advertising claims. Not just because you could lose your hard-earned money, but some of the ingredients that cosmetic companies use - are downright harmful to some skin types.

Second, you can't ignore the fact that science has provided us with some marvelous products that do help enormously what age does to us, or what fate has given to us.

So, where to start?

Let's start with understanding that, generally speaking - the skin's basic function is to cover and protect our internal organs - and to regulate the body temperature - and to eliminate certain waste products through perspiration, etc.

We all know that -

But, the simple most important fact is: It is the manifestation of our general health and - even more important - our mental health.

So, let's consider some very basic facts that we can begin to use RIGHT AWAY. Generally, what is good for our body is good for our skin, so beauty of the skin really begins from just good old fashioned good habits.

General Maintenance Items that have a profound influence on your skin:

Fresh Air


A Proper Diet

Minerals and vitamins

Protection from the sun

Isn't that simple?

Then, we must couple the above with just a basic understanding of our skin. Remember that we begin life with the soft, smooth, beauty silky skin of a baby. But the skin, like any other bodily organ, can be abused, overworked and fatigued. It deteriorates as we grow older.

So, what to do - besides the above general maintenance items?

Well, let's understand that it is the elimination of natural oils, not actual lack of moisture, that makes the skin `dry`, and `dead`. The main benefit of moisturizing creams is that they replace the natural oils that have been lost from the skin's surface.

As we get older, the loss of nutrients that always were with us when we were younger making the skin supple and smooth, seems to make it much harder to achieve the goal of the perfect, beautiful, glowing skin.

Now, knowing this - should you worry and fret about your skin - and deprive yourself of many nights of blissful sleep - which ironically you need for that perfect skin you desire - - - -or

How about recognizing that Mother Nature did not provide all of us with that beautiful skin exterior - and may have actually been a little deficient in a few other features of our body?

If Mother Nature was 100% perfect for us - we would all have beautiful skin, wonderful facial characteristics, have more money than we could spend, etc. But, alas......

If we can recognize that we do need help from those scientific nerds, that we used to make fun of -

Then our path is clear -

Just do the above - be happy and cheerful - - - -- (which is a great, great natural way to get that smooth beautiful skin) - - -- and finally, quit worrying about attaining that perfect skin - and take advantage of the products that are available to us - Proven and Reliable -

Just enjoy every day, quit worrying about how to look younger - and let these wonderful products do their work for you!

It is really quite easy!!


The questions of beauty: What is it? How does one attain it? and various questions are so interesting - and yet it boils down to the Inner Beauty - that each has.
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