Antelope Valley Hospital Board votes raise for Mathew Abraham, Hospital CEO

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From: Antelope Valley Press, June 29, 2001 By Bob Wilson, Valley press Staff Writer

Lancaster – Antelope Valley Hospital Board of Trustees voted unanimously to give the top administrator a 10% raise. The move will increase the total compensation of Hospital CEO Mathew Abraham, to $325,600. On board chairwoman Deborah Rice asked directors Don Bean and Gary Hill – the board’s ad hoc committee charged with reviewing Abraham’s compensation – if they had any recommendations concerning the CEO’s contract.

In response, Bean said, “We have decided that it is entirely defensible, it is probably belated; and it is certainly forthcoming to increase Mr. Abraham’s salary by a fraction of 10%, which would bring his compensation to $325,600 a year”.

“Mathew Abraham, for the last two years , has operated under the salary that he originally agreed to work for us, which we all at the agreed was pretty low compared to what he could have been earning elsewhere” Bean said.

“Based on AV Hospital’s latest accreditation score, its financial viability while other facilities are declaring insolvency, and its employee morale, a raise is overdue”, he said.

“We could have hired anyone to come in here and buy inferior products, to slash and burn, to cut employees and cut staff,” she said. “I think this is really important that we’ve increased the quality of care while still maintaining the bottom line”, Rice said.

“Compared to the days before Abraham was hired, “You see more nurses on the floors; you see a facility that is clean, bright, maintained – and everything has undergone major improvements” Board Vice Chair Gary Hill said.

Mathew Abraham thanked his management staff and the hospital employees for helping make the changes that were noted by the board members. “It’s been a team effort, and without them I could not have done this” Mathew Abraham said.

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