Answering Service's New Generation: The Telephone, With the Help of the Internet

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Every company wants a telephone operator to be there when the first ring is sounded. No firm can afford losing even one customer because of a missed phone call. It is worse if such customer intends to place an order, and worst, if such order is in bulk. This is the primary reason why a 24/7 answering service, both automated and live, are being built (for in-house) or outsourced. After all, every call is the door to unseen opportunities.

The telephone caters customer concerns and demands through phone, both land line and mobile. But online users or Internet surfers, as they are called, have not been and will not be included in this accessible service. When customers happen to visit your site and want to ask something, they look for an immediate way to connect with you. However, your agents will not be there to provide the customers with solutions, unless the latter will initiate phone calls. In this case, you will need a live chat support.

Thanks to the easy accessibility of the Information Superhighway, a.k.a. the Internet, answering service can now be installed in your web page. This means that the operators of inbound call centers are empowered to provide solutions to customers over the Internet. With a wider and more extensive coverage, no customer will be left unattended.

A live chat system pours a wide array of benefits to your company. They are enlisted as follows:

Additional Points to Customer Satisfaction. The Internet has provided the easiest portal to communicate, to meet new friends and to search for information, all of which can be done with a click. Business transactions also bloomed when buying and selling can be done online.

The convenience and comfort that the Internet is providing will trigger the customers to utilize it as another method in addressing their issues and concerns.

By providing an answering service online, every inquiry is taken care of. Thus, another opportunity is saved, the same way that 24/7 live answering service does. This, in turn, will be a good vehicle to drive up the level of customer satisfaction to your firm.

Sales Boost. More often than not, an increase in customer satisfaction sprouts a boost in sales performance. This is so because customers will continue or, better, increase their purchases to your product and subscribe to your service. Since customers and clients (both end consumers and another business entities) are or more than content with your services, these good reputation will spread like wildfire, thus attracting new prospects.

Enhanced Branding. Another fruit to be reaped in upgrading your answering service is an improved corporate branding. This generally means that customers put trust and loyalty to your company, your people, your products and/or services.

Increase your website's visibility. One of the direct effects of having live chat support is an increase in the traffic of your web page. When customers are assisted on your website through a live operator, there is a high probability that these people will go back to your web page and will recommend your company to other individuals. When your website have high count of site visitors, your web page will be one or at the top of search results once a keyword related to your online content is typed.

The emergence of the Internet does not pose a big threat to telemarketing. In fact, when the two (telephone and Internet) are combined as major instruments in answering service, it results to better and faster assistance.

Belinda Summers works as a professional consultant. She helps businesses increase their revenue by lead generation and appointment setting services through Telemarketing. To know more about this visit:

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