Another 5 Super starsí autumn hair style

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2 days ago I had introduce 5 super starsí(January Jones, Cate Blanchett, Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Mendes and Kim Kardashian) autumn hair style,their beauty hair style gave us so many amazing.Many friends told me must introduce more special hair style so that can help theirís eyes full of amzing. So today I will write down another 5 super starsí autumn hair style.
There not put styles in the first, we start to another way: the GHD colors of the hair.Cool autumn is coming,which color is better for the cool autumn ? Now,let these super star help us know the details.
1.Light gold
Michelle Williamsí hair is gold : light gold, the same as the cornfield under the sunshine.This light gold can make your eye full of gold,let others think you have a gold eye.This color is good for the woman who skin is white.
2. Gold Brown
Emma Stone do it color: full but single color,this color will let your curl hair which curled by ghd straightener looks more natural.It also is good for the lady who skin more white.

3. Golden yellow
Jennifer Lopezís hair color : the yellow looks like the color of honey, and with the 3:7 separate long hair make she is fill with womanly attributes.The important point is the hair canít with the same color must make different deeps golden yellow which can looks better.
4.Near the color of chestnut
Lily Donaldson: the end of hair is the color of chestnut,discounts ghd straighteners then little change to middle brown then change to yellow brown.,it give us a special feeling, you can make this color show your specific character.
5. yellowish-brown
SERENA WILLIAMís color is yellowish-brown: coffee with the bling black.This color looks health give us a message she is positive.And it is good for the lady who skin is black.
There are so attractive with these beauty hair color ,right? Why us not change us let we the same as the super star ? Action!!!

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