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Anime is animation originating from Japan. It has a huge following and not surprisingly considering it seems so real yet unique when you're watching it. There's every style imaginable available to watch right from comedy to more adult versions. It's used in television series, films, videos, video games, commercials, and internet-based releases.

Think of Astro Boy. Astro boy was a Japanese manga series, manga meaning cartoons and comics, and the television program first broadcast in Japan from 1963 to 1966. The story follows the adventures of a fictional robot named Astro Boy and some other characters along the way. I remember watching Astro Boy just as much as I remember watching Sesame Street or Fraggle Rock so it must have been on those Saturday mornings I spent watching my favorite cartoon line up. I can actually still hear his voice.

Generally, the most common form of anime drawings are exaggerated physical features such as large eyes and big hair. The large eyes style, drawn on many anime and manga characters, allow characters to show emotions distinctly. A wide variety of recognizable changes to the characters eyes can happen when their mood or their emotions changes. Love-hearts and doe-eyes indicate an infatuation, while stars indicate that the character is star-struck. Spirals indicate confusion or dizziness, while flames or wide empty semicircles indicate that the character is angry or vengeful. When dead, unconscious or stunned, X's are sometimes used as an indication of the state. These are all recognizable. I'm sure you are picturing a story you've seen while you are reading this. Females have bigger eyes than males to make them look more childish and therefore girly.

Anime characters can use a wide variety of facial expressions to denote moods and thoughts. Characters that are shocked or surprised will perform a "face fault", in which they display an extremely exaggerated expression like the wide open mouth that doesn't move. Angry characters may exhibit a "vein" or "stress mark" effect, where lines in place of bulging veins will appear on their forehead.

Sweat drops are a familiar sight when it comes to these characters. They can be drawn with one or more prominent beads of sweat on their brow or forehead. This represents a broad spectrum of emotions, including embarrassment, exasperation, confusion, and shock. This doesn't seem to happen in real life. At least it's never happened to me but we always seem to know what it means when we're watching it. Bright blushing represents embarrassment or romantic feelings. That might be a little more of a real human quality; at least for me.

Even though these videos or shows are exaggerated and probably wouldn't happen in your day to day life, they still have a charm about them that makes you want to watch them and makes it easy to relate to them as well.

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