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Animation voice over production can be described as the most intriguing voice over service. The fantastic world of cartoons offers to the animation voice over talents a whole new scope when building an animation voice over characters. It’s not just the fascinating picture or scenario what makes the animation so enjoyable. It is indeed the inspiring work of numerous animation voiceover talents too.

Graffitti Studio provides over 1000 professional male and female native speaking animation voice over talents for professional theatrical and TV animation lip sync voice over recording.
Among the current voice over projects of Graffitti Studio are the animation lip sync voiceovers for Vipo Animation Series. The Studio maintains wide range of animation voice over services:
 Television(TV) animation voice over
 Lip sync animation voice over
 Movie animation voice over
 Commercial animation voice over
 Foreign language animation voice over etc.

All kinds of animation forms can be handled besides the multilingual support of animation lip sync voiceovers in 40 European languages. More detailed information can be consulted here:

Imagine how difficult it is constantly synchronizing your voice and being different every time .
Animation voiceovers need a dedicating work, combined with fantasy and professionalism on voice actor’s behalf. The animation voice over process involves creative work-the developing of unique voice for each character is a substantial task. The talented voiceover actors command a great diversity of voices and just choose which one matches its pictured hero the best. The animation voice over performer should be able to adapt his voice to the displayed cartoon. If well done the animation voice overs can express the personality of each character. Sometimes the voice characteristics even surpass the painted ones.

The animation voice overs are indeed amusing business, but they can be hard too. Over the animation voice over recording lots of techniques should be followed-the animation voice over professionals need to synchronize their voices with the soundtrack, lip and body movements of the animated characters. Very often their parts involve singing.

Graffitti Studio collaborates both with male and female native speaking voice over talents for animation in pursuing sublime quality. The studio maintains fully equipped and acoustically tested studios, adapted for the recording of animation lip sync voiceovers. So if you need voice overs for your animations, cartoons, animation series or pilots, you can check Graffitti Studio’s website:

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