Animated Cartoons Movie Upin dan Ipin Go International?

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Succed in asia,the animated cartoon movie of upin dan ipin adventures is waiting to go to the international market.

About Upin dan Ipin movie :

Upin dan ipin is the name of twins brother character in the upin dan ipin animated cartoon movies. These cartoon movie is about a life journey of the twins upin, ipin and his sister Ros. They are live at their grandma house at the village called Durian Runtuh. Their parents are died in the accident, so they are cared by their grandmother.

Upin and ipin is a small kid, and their older sister is in the high school already. There are many adventures and journey at the village, this cute twins will bring us to the ordinary lifehood. This is an educational, a reality in life. Prensented with a soft story and easy to understand, this animated cartoon movie not only for children but also will become a good reflection of reality to the older ages or parents.

Characters :

The main characters of upin and ipin are ; upin and his twins brother ipin, their sister Ros, called kak Ros, their grandmother called opa. And the other characters are upin and ipin's friends like,Fizy,rajoo ( india ), meimei( Chinese ),mail,etc.

The latest movie :

Upin, ipin dan kawan kawan ( Upin, ipin and friends ) latest movie called, Geng Pengembaraan Bermula. This movie is an adventurer movies. This movie is one of les'copaque. Inc ( upin and ipin animated cartoon's producer company ) succed animation movie,great in graphic detail and sound arrangement.

The story tell us about a ghost named hantu durian ( durian ghost ) that makes people at the village are not comfort and scared. The story were started when two boys from the Kuala Lumpur city are come to visit on the vacation his grandfather at durian runtuh village.

At the 2nd day, they are going to the forest to find some fruits, companied by upin, ipin and his friend rajoo. In the forest, the place where the adventures began,a weird animal shown and upin, ipin also rajoo are be anxious to do or find out the animal.

The weird animal are running deep in to the forest, so do upin, ipin and rajoo. The boys, Badrul and Jim companied with kak Ros come afterward,but they are not realize that they are going deep in to the forest too.

Upin Ipin movies language :

Right now,upin and ipin movies are publish in English,Malaysia,Mandarin ( Chinese ). In the future,we are waiting a translation to another language beside English. It is an agenda to go international.

The movie trailer of this cartoon are also already available for the next 2011th movie, there many positive respons that this animated cartoon movie of upin and ipin can be published to the global scale also. This is will be a positive influence to the world animation industry and business, there will be many animated cartons to choose. But with the asian feel, it will be good adventures.

To find more information about characters or full series episode, go to download upin ipin and See the trailer of video upin ipin ,the succed animated cartoons of video upin dan ipin.

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