Animal Beads: Not A Child’s Play

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Beadwork is an ancient art of weaving beads in a way to be used as decorative for jewelry or home. It first originated in Africa and was later introduced to the rest of the countries. In the earlier times, beads were usually made from naturally available material such as stones, clays, bones, shells etc. However, with the advancement in technology and tools beads are now made from different materials such as glass, plastic, ceramic, crystals, precious stones, etc. Beads have also seen a lot of change in the designs and patterns with time.

Earlier, these were made only in a few basic shapes and styles. But nowadays Beads can be found in innumerable patterns, sizes and forms. One of the greatest examples of creative beadwork is the animal pattern beads. Animal beads are shaped as different animal forms that make a very stylish and modern accessory to be worn or decorate a room, especially, a kid’s room. Such animal beads are easy to create and also make a wonderful gift for children.

As people love everything to be classified into either 2D or 3D, animal beads also fall into these two categories. As the names suggest, while 2D beads display a two dimensional pattern, which is easy to follow and make as compared to the 3D animal beads, which involve a relatively tedious weaving technique to showcase a three dimensional design.

2D and 3D animal beads not only make an interesting item for kids to play or decorate their rooms or accessories with, but also provide a scope for the bead makers to use their imagination and skills in a highly creative and innovative activity. Some of the most popular and cherished animal beads are in shape of a frog, turtle, spider, butterfly, cat, buffalo, owl, elephant, ice bear, and penguin. While frog, turtle, spider, and ice bear are very easy to make, the others could be quite difficult to get through.

A little bit of skillfulness, artistic mind, time and patience can be really helpful in learning to make such beautiful and enticing animal pattern beads. These beads, besides making a great accessory for kids and their rooms, make a wonderful charm for the older group as well. Many teenage girls love to sport animal bead pendants or bracelets. These beads have gained tremendous admiration over the past few years. Jewelry makers, who aspire to experiment with their creativity, love to make different types of such beads that not only make them happy but also the kids who use them.

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