Angora Wool Is Comfort, Warmth, and Luxury All in One!

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Of all the known knitting fibers there are in the world, the lightest and softest are what are Angora fibers. It comes from the labor intensive handwork of harvesting the plush and silky coats of a special breed of rabbits called Angora. The end result of this production is spinning material that would make any clothing apparel luxurious, high class and fashionable. Beyond its beauty, there is another advantage. Angora wool is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool which makes for a very comfortably snug garment. These qualities of Angora wool have it considered a top brand product by the fiber production market.

The fibers are as fine as 10 to 13 meters wide. This is better understood when known that a micron is only one millionth of a meter thick. Its uniquely special feel comes from its fibers naturally having a very soft and silky texture. In addition, the fibers are hollow. This makes for their touch to have a special lofty, "floating" feel to them. Each fiber naturally raises on its own due to its lightness. When on a garment, this makes for the wool to have a "fur halo" like fluffiness as they all stretch out from the base of the garment.

There is a very special fluffy lightness to Angora wool that is remarkably comfortable on one's skin. The coziness of it is in addition to how it is warm without being heavy. Unlike heavy coats, this material will not weigh you down. This unique feature is because this wool allows the skin to breathe but also is simultaneously absorbing moisture. This is what produces the body's steady temperature at the surface of the skin which then allows for a comforting, warm feeling. An even further benefit is blood ciruculation is improved which creates a therapeutic effect beneficial for those with types of conditions such as cold painful joints, muscle tension, or cirulatory disorders.

The soft natured and docile Angora rabbit experiences zero discomfort in the production of shearing their wool. They are treated carefully year round and combed extensively in order for them to produce their highest quality fiber. This breed of rabbits are a wonderful pet and are great with children. Above all they give us the gift of their plush, silky coats.

It is a very unique and special moment when one first presses their fingers on an Angora woolen garment. It is hard to forget.

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