Angelina Jolie Hairstyles and Beautiful Updo Hairstyle for Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie who is one of the most required after movie stars was born June 4th, 1975 in Los Angeles California.

At the age of 14 she started model. She is certainly no unfamiliar person to the big screen as she has been in many films all through the years. She has a stylish way of dressing. Angelina always look her best.

Angelina Jolie is one of the most much-loved actress in the U.S and around the world. Angelina is not only an actress, ambassador and a mother she is also an Icon and has great hair.

This "Tomb Raider" celebrity has long dark brown hair, however sometimes you catch her fair a blonde medium length bob.

Angelina is definitely a mover and shaker and she knows how to get things done as well as create great hairstyles that emphasize her infamous features like her spark eyes and voluptuous lips.

Angelina Jolie's Unique Face Shape

Most hair stylists would be resolute that there are only few basic face shapes, and these are the heart, the diamond, the oblong, the round, the oval, and the square.

Unfortunately, in the real world, an individual person's face shape could not be easily categorized.

Picking the right length and texture for Angelina Jolie's hairstyles

With the ratio of the length and breadth of her face, Angelina Jolie's face shape is a combination of oval and square.

Combined face shape are tricky to style, but Angelina Jolie's hairstyle manages her face with flying colors.

Since the upper part of her face is dominantly oval, all Angelina Jolie's hairstyles ensure that nil covers the forehead, except for the occasional side-swept bangs.

And since the lower part of her face is dominantly square, all Angelina Jolie hairstyles have soft waves.

Angelina Jolie was absolutely the queen of glamor with her Oscars hair 2009 (and Natalie Portman was a close second), in a form-fitting strapless black dress.

If you like the glamorous look, try prom hair like Angelina's: it's elegantly pulled back to show off her face, neck and trimmings.

How to Get Angelina Jolie's Hairstyle

Celebrity hair stylist and co-founder of David Babaii for WildAid, hairstylist DAVID BABAII, shares how you can capture Angelina's effortlessly elegant hairstyle.

First, blow dry wet tresses to create a shiny, frizz free underpinning

Next, randomly curl your whole mane to form tousled waves

To ensure volume at the root area, spray David Babaii for WildAid Volcanic Ash Root Amplifier

Slightly back comb sections of locks and smooth out with a brush to achieve desired height

Angelina Jolie Classic Updo Hair style wearing gold jewelers
Angelina Jolie picture from the 2007 fair-haired Globe Awards.

The above hair style is perfect for long and oval expression shapes and formal occasions.

Angelina Jolies Formal Updo Hairstyle - Styling Steps

1. Wash and dry your locks with clean and conditioner specified for your hair type.

2. Use your fingers to disperse a blob of styling mousse or gel to your hair and distribute evenly with a comb.

3. Using a round brush work in minute sections until your hair is completely dry. When focusing on the roots lift while ventilation for volume.

4. When your hair is dry, carefully scrunch a dab of styling wax with your fingers while lifting at the roots for volume that lasts.

5. Use a large barreled curling iron to create movable waves around your head.

6. Starting on the sides of your head, pin sections of your hair up loosely securing with hairpins just below your crown.

7. Carefully remove some tendril of hair to frame your face as well as some in the back. If desired curl loosely.

8. Piece the ends of your hair that is left down with pomade as well as to smooth front pieces that are left down somewhat away from your face.

9. Mist with a kind amount of hairspray for hold.

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