Android Apps Top 3 for students and teachers

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Wapedia - Wikipedia Best Android App Access Free Version: 1.6.1 Taptu

Want to access Wikipedia from your phone with just a tap? This Android application makes it easy to explore the pages of Wikipedia, and you've been with bookmarks and a history file to mark. This is really a best Android app to navigate to Wikipedia and all pages and sections are set right on your phone screen.

Wapedia remembers the page you are reading was over, so you can pick your survey where you left off.

Information Overload: Wapedia allows you to instantly jump from the top of a long document to the bottom. You can set a preference for how much of a page to load at once, and from there you can scroll up and down on the page with the arrows and intuitive navigation. This app works with other wikis, so in case you exhaust the 3 million + articles on Wikipedia, there are tons more for you to browse.

Share the knowledge: If you see something beautiful, this app allows you to quickly share. Click the Share link and are asked to share via email, Facebook or Twitter, or link into a browser. Sharing ideas with friends and colleagues is a great way to strengthen social ties and maintain a conversation going. So go ahead and think, read and share this great resource.


Free Version: 1.0.7 Next Mobile Web

Quickpedia is a simple Android app with a simple interface for all applications. You get the options of Search, Featured, Popular, News and near. When a Wikipedia article is displayed on your screen, the app gives you the opportunities for a larger font or smaller font to use to send to friends, or Send to Self. You can change your email address in the settings for fast mailing in the future, and navigate to the home page by pressing the menu button and then tapping home. You can also update the article, which you can read, even when you're offline.

Featured and RANDOM: The Android app you can go to a randomly selected article, or you can use the articles currently featured on Wikipedia. Quickpedia been relegated to honorable mention status because it does not allow you to bookmark your favorite articles.

Droid Dictionary - Best Dictionary App for Android

Free Version: 1.4 Webcipe

This Android app is a simple front-end for definitions, wikis, and thesaurus entries. It includes a useful "talk" icon that the word you're looking to speak freely. If the droid Dictionary Plugin ($ 0.99) to download from the market, you can also use your words and definitions with this app.

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