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Anastasia international anti-scam project is a service dedicated to preventing social crimes and frauds in cases of international dating. The company has an extensive database which has been checked personally by their team. They also provide correspondence checks as well as investigative services when required. Their approach is direct and straightforward with an aim to put all necessary facts in the hands of their clients. Dating should be a positive experience and Anastasia International scam services work to ensure the same for their many clients across the world.

It is important to note that for the purpose of this project, a scam needs to involve fraudulent extraction of money, money that the concerned lady would not be able to earn on her own in her country. Disinterest in taking the relationship forward is NOT a scam, simply a matter of choice. So a person cannot accuse a person of being a scammer unless money is involved. Some common tricks that help scammers include:

1. By passing agencies using personal emails: This ensures that there is a no third party verifying the veracity of what is being written or sounding the necessary alert when fraud is suspected.

2. Discussing family problems especially financial and hinting or asking for monetary support.
3. Asking for tuition fees for language classes to communicate better.
4. Outright requests for presents or cash in any form or guise.
5. Health problems that require immediate funding for recovery.
6. Requests for cell phones or internet bill payments.
7. Suggestion of meeting in a third country which could be a trick to get a person on unfamiliar ground where they could be cheated more easily.

It is of course possible that all the above requests may be genuine and that is the very reason why they work so well in tricking people out of their money. When it comes to people we care about, we prefer to give them the benefit of doubt. It is here that Anastasia International anti scam service proves very useful. They bring in logical analysis methods and investigative techniques to cull the information that is required. They can ascertain the true nature of suspicious requests when made, allowing clients to respond in a manner which does not compromise their position.

The website also provides helpful information on how to protect interests and what to look for in an agency. You should find an agency with an office in your country so that you can verify credentials. It is also important for the agency to have an office in the country that they are matchmaking in. Without that, they will have no idea of who they are setting up the clients with. Check for client references as well as staff pictures to ensure that the agency operations are bonafide. Also do a thorough search on the company ownership, news and credentials.

Anastasia international anti-scam project also furnishes a list of scammer names and photographs to help unsuspecting people to avoid getting scammed. In case you are considering international dating, it would be a great idea to ensure that your interests are protected by a mediating agency that knows its job.

With international dating on the rise, anastasia international scams involving misrepresentation, lies, impersonation are increasing too. With dating being a social and romantic pursuit, Fortunately there are organizations like Anastasia Web that are dedicated to preventing such social crimes and fraud through a unique system of database checking and maintenance. For more information please visit

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