An overview of the HTC Magic

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The HTC magic is an impressive smartphone running on the well received Google Android operating system. The first phone to use this system was T-Mobiles G1 and it wasn't without its criticisms. Have HTC taken these on board when designing the Magic, and in a nutshell, the answer is "yes".

Thanks to the Google OS, much of the software incorporated into this handset has that Google feel to it. Google Maps, Calendar, Talk and Search are just some of the apps installed. And the deeper you delve behind the Magic's flashy exterior, the more evident it becomes that the magic is THE phone for people who love to be online.

A clear 3.2" HVGA screen displays an image resolution of 320 X 480 pixels, and is a capacitive touch screen which is fully customisable in terms of brightness and backlight controls as well as offering a choice of wallpapers. Measuring 113mm X 55mm X 14mm and weighing 116 grammes, the unit does have a slightly chunky feel, but it does also feel well made. A built in accelerometer ensures that the screen adjusts according to the position of the phone. A trackball is located beneath the screen along with six other buttons to perform the primary functions.

What really strikes me about the HTC Magic is its ease of use in all departments. Icons can be easily dragged and dropped around the screen, or if they are filling up your screen just drop them into the deletion bin.
. Apps are also listed alphabetically in an effort to make the whole interface as user friendly as possible. Notifications are also all grouped together which adds to the appeal.

Many people and manufacturers alike seem to be obsessed with the pixel rating of the cameras fitted within the mobile phone handsets, and this is often an unfair way to rate the cameras performance. Take the HTC Magics 3.2 mega pixel camera for example. On paper this pales in comparison to many higher rated cameras, however looking purely at the quality of the image itself, the Magic produces a crisp and colourful picture. Admittedly a lighting conditions dip then the image is less satisfactory, but in general it works well for the average mobile phone photo, mms message or even internet upload. Video recording is also catered for within the device. The back of the phone slides of to give access to not only the customary micro SD card slot but also a removable 1340mAh lithium ion battery, a nice touch in comparison to Apples built in affair.

The HTC Magic is a stylish yet functional phone. The well thought out interface is particularly impressive and a lot of considerations have been taken in its design. It is a high specification Smartphone to rival the iPhone and the Palm Pre's, and will particularly appeal to the user who does spend a lot of time on the internet, thanks to the Google Android operating system.

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