An Overview of Blepharoplasty

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Few years ago, Asian people had the desire to achieve a Caucasian look for various reasons. Many of them settled to undergo a process called blepharoplasty to reduce the sagging of their lower and upper eyelids.

Nowadays, although a number of Asian men and women still avail of the said surgery for the same reason, there have been more applications of the blepharoplasty surgery. The more common purpose of this surgery right now is to appear younger by removing the sags and wrinkles in the areas surrounding the eyes.

Blepharoplasty is ideally applicable to people aging at least 35 years old. At this age, the delicate tissues around the eyes are already starting to produce more eye bags and sags in the eyelids. With this surgery, the crease of the upper eyelid as well as those along the line of the lower lid are incised to reduce the lid sagging and baggy looks and eventually gives the eyes a fresher look.

This aesthetic surgery takes between one to three hours of completion in most cases. It is generally performed by a qualified and expert surgeon that is specializing in facial dermatology like facelift Tampa procedure and eye procedures. The operation often includes injecting of anesthesia or short acting sedatives and can be done while the patient is conscious. The amount of anesthesia generally determines the need time for recovery. Blepharoplasty clinics usually apply a certain amount of anesthesia according to the patientís preference but they also give their own recommendations depending on the severity of the procedure.

A patient can immediately go home the same day the surgery took place and they are given some prescribed medication for pain relief at home. It is normal for a patient to experience some localized pain a few days after the surgery. Some of them experience a burning sensation in the eyes, sensitivity to light, itchiness and runny eyes. In many Florida blepharoplasty clinics, physicians recommend patients to apply some eye drops to lessen these side effects. For swelling and bruising of eyes occur, applying ice over it is an effective solution.

Normally, a patient can have a full recovery for about 10 days but before that, rigorous activities should be avoided even until 3 weeks after the procedure. It is advised by Florida blepharoplasty clinics to stay away from harsh conditions and always provide protection to the eyes.

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