An Organic Diet for a Tight Budget

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Going green nowadays is not out of left field, especially since environmental awareness has noticeably increased in the past few years. The organic food market is one facet of the green campaign that has gained wider acceptance across the globe. Basically, organic food is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Without these chemicals, the risk for produce to be damaged is higher. This is why organic food is priced much higher than the regular varieties, making it inaccessible to those of you who might want to try the products but donít have the budget for them. Fortunately, this article is about tips on how to go for that organic diet without having to break the bank.

Selective Buying

There are products that are grown with relatively less amounts of these fertilizers and pesticides. For these types of food, it is okay to buy the regular variety. In selective buying, you only buy the organic versions of food that are farmed with extensive amounts of pesticides. With this practice, you donít have to spend as much for an organic diet.

In-Season Buying

Eating organic food is said to be part of the holistic healing approach. Not only is it healthy for the body, it is healthy for the planet as well. The prices, however, are quite healthy too, which is why some organic food consumers practice in-season buying. This method involves buying organic food that is in season for a cheaper price.

Practical Buying

Holistic healing through an organic diet is not out of reach if you buy smart. This means that you only buy what you actually need. Excessive purchases only lead to waste, not only of the food but also of the money you spent on it. Be sure that the organic produce you put in your cart are actually things you would eat and use.


Perhaps you might also try growing your own garden of organic food. This can save you money in many ways. Since you have your own supply of organic produce, all you have to buy are those that arenít growing in your garden. This also saves you gas money because trips to the grocery wonít be as frequent as before. There is definitely an advantage to growing a personal supply for holistic healing purposes.

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