An Oil Free Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer is Not the Answer You Are Looking For

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It seems as though a lot of people are switching to oil free anti-aging facial moisturizer in order to treat their skin, but is this really a good idea? Even if you have what is considered to be oily skin, the use of oil free moisturizing products is not going to help you. Judging by the moisturizing agents that are being used to replace natural oils, you just may end up with a different type of skin care problem.

The truth is that your skin needs natural oils in order for it to be healthy. Plant based oils and waxes are the best moisturizing agents for the skin, as they contain properties in them that more closely resemble those of our skin's own oil than any other natural compounds. They supply your skin with antioxidants necessary for healing, and provide essential nutrients such as omega fatty acids.

With the agents that are being used in oil free anti-aging facial moisturizer, you are not receiving any of the benefits that natural oils provide. This is because many of the new formulas are using petroleum based agents in their formulas. There is not a single bit of value in these compounds that would benefit your skin, and you will come to find that in the end they will actually cause skin damage.

Petroleum based agents are derived from a compound that originates on oil rigs. This compound is so dense in its purest form that it can actually cause the oil rigs to begin to malfunction, holding up crude oil production, and infuriating workers. This compound is distilled down to a thinner form for use in cosmetics formulas, but these agents are still too dense for use on your skin.

The petroleum based compounds most commonly used in the development of oil free anti-aging facial moisturizer are mineral oil, paraffin wax, and petrolatum. Your skin is unable to readily absorb these compounds, and so they simply come to rest on the outer layers of your skin. Once there, these agents will clog your pores and trap dirt and grime, and they also cause the discontinuation of sebum production.

The oil production glands within your skin moisturize from the deepest levels out. When these glands register that the outer layers of your skin are adequately moisturized, sebum production is reduced. The consistent layer presence of grease in the outer layers of your skin signal to your production glands to shut down, and what you end up with over time is skin that is dry, and flaky.

If you want to control the amount of oil that your over-productive glands are providing your skin, there is a better solution than an oil free anti-aging facial moisturizer. The use of all natural plant based formulas that contain Maracuja passion fruit extract are your answer. This compound is known for its ability to regulate sebum production, so that skin becomes neither dry nor oily.

You need natural plant oils in order to have healthy skin. An oil free anti-aging facial moisturizer cannot provide you with what you need, so it is better left alone.

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