An in-Depth Look at the Dahle 10560 High-Speed Letter Folder

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One of the least pleasant office activities around is folding letters. Sure, it's a necessary task, but it's not a lot of fun and depending on how many letters need to go out, it can be very time-consuming. But now it's possible to automate the process and the folks at office machine manufacturer Dahle have created a great machine that can help you out: the 10560 high-speed letter folder. Keep reading to learn about the pros of this machine, plus a couple of minor cons.

The Pros:

  • The 10560 is a great machine to use if you have a large mailing to go out. This machine can fold up to 4,000 sheets of normal printer/copier paper in an hour. Having a machine with this type of folding capacity can really help you save time and manpower because one (or more) of your employees won't get stuck with folding a lot of documents.
  • Staples are no match for the 10560. This machine can easily fold stapled documents so you won't have to spend time either removing staples before folding or stapling your documents afterward.
  • The 10560 operates quietly, so it won't add to your office's noise level. This a great feature to have because it means the folder can sit on a desk and it won't distract or annoy a person who's on the phone or working on a computer.
  • This letter folder has a paper tray that can hold up to 50 sheets of paper. This means you can stack your documents in the tray, turn the machine on, and it will fold your letters even if you leave your desk. The machine has a continuous mode so it can finish your folding job in just a short amount of time.
  • The 10560 can produce four different kinds of folds: letter, z-fold, double parallel, and half-fold.
  • This letter folder retails for $599.00, which means it's cheaper than paying your employees to fold your correspondence and invoices. Buying this machine can help free up either you or your employees so you can work on things that are more rewarding.
The Cons:
  • Although the 10560 can fold 4,000 sheets per hour, you're limited in the size of the documents you can fold. The 10560 can only fold documents that are no more than five pages long, so this machine won't be of much use if your documents are lengthy. However, if you're just folding letters and bills, the folding capacity shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  • This letter folder can't fold glossy paper, so you'll be stuck with folding documents printed on regular bond paper.
  • If you want to fold stapled sets with this machine you will need to feed them one at a time by hand. Do not try to place your stapled sets into the feed tray, the rollers will not pick up the set uniformly and the machine will most likely jam.
Overall, the 10560 is a great machine that can take a tedious, unpleasant task off of your hands so you can work on projects that are more important. This machine is quiet, fast, and affordable, and it would be a great addition to any mail room, office, or receptionist area. If you or your employees spend too much time folding paper, you need to give the Dahle 10560 high-speed letter folder a look!

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