An Honest Review on Bead Retreat

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Accessories and jewelries complete an outfit. When you wear accessories that youíve made yourself, it makes it more fun. When you make them yourselves you can design it with your personality and your style. So for those who likes hosting a party or a gathering with their girl friends, Bead Retreat would be a good place for you to contact if you want to have a fun activity. They will provide you with kits and packages with beads and materials for your accessories. Both kids and adults can enjoy this activity during a party or a social gathering.

Cindi Swett and Lesa Sheperd are the ones who created this company. They were good friends who were into designing jewelry like necklaces and bracelets. In the year 2001, since a lot of people were asking about their accessories they decided that they could make a business out of it. They donít just provide them with the materials but they could teach them as well. Bead Retreat is part of the Direct Sales Association so you donít have to worry about it being a fake or a bogus company.

If you avail of their services, they wouldnít just provide you with the materials that you would need. They would also provide you with a coordinator which will help the people in making these jewelries. The price ranges of the jewelry kit are from $8 to around $30-$40. The higher priced one are the more intricate ones like those big necklaces while the lower priced one are usually earrings. The products come in different colors and designs where you can choose the design and type of jewelry that you want.

The coordinators who are present in the gathering will automatically get a 23% commission from the company which would include all the kits and products that was purchased during that time. Coordinators will receive more from Bead Retreat if more guests will come to the party. These people are not just known to offer these products but at the same time, they are trained to make jewelries as well because they will be the ones who will show the guests on how to do it. If they are able to show it well and do it well, the guests will be more interested in the product. If they are really satisfied then they can recommend you and the company to other people that will be good for you and for your business.

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